Connecting in Hong Kong

Hong Kong airport is a great one, as are many Asian airports. They put US Airports to shame. The security is actually nice to you there, and you don’t get all the attitude of the TSA. The TSA looks so important with their little uniforms. I think they are just silly… but it is remarkable how people react to uniforms.

I was going to find a pic of the silly uniforms so we could all make fun of them, but then I found out that the TSA has a blog! How boring. It makes me real happy that my tax money is going for the TSA’s social media operation. Look at this TSA blog entry on the Fourth of July and the YouTube videos they provided (especially the charmer about the dangerous “Sparkler”). Don’t worry everyone, the US Government is now blogging for you.

Connecting in Hong Kong

  • I love HKH airport — the free wifi, excellent food options, great layout, the easypeasy train to the city … just everything! I heard there was a golf course and amusement park in there somewhere, but wasnt able to find it. Im looking forward to having to go through there again when I go home.

  • One of your best pieces. How long did it take you to mask out all the people?

  • sweet. Were you on one of the catwalks? HKK Security is a bit sacharine. I wonder how this shot would look with a careful lucis pass — sort of like you did with the trains? If you thought HKK was nice wait till you see Singapore. Lots of eye candy, as well.

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great Shot, i really love your interior shots, the other’s as well, but these are a little extra.

    @ Deron -” How long did it take you to mask out all the people?” I don’t think Trey masks people out of his photo’s.

    All the best.


  • Nice photo, Trey. Good that there are nice airports in this world. I did find Denver Airport employees, working the floor very nice. I was carrying a heavy bag and one young lady assisted me down the elevator, then a cleaning man put my bag on his cart and escorted me all the way to the very end of that part of the airport where my gate was. This was back in 2004. But I can see where you are coming from as I flew in 2007 and the folks working the entrance area to the limited access part of the airport and checking your bags weren’t so nice. And where do they put the machine for the little plastic bag I didn’t know I needed. Not anywhere near the long line I was in, lol. Very different experience at the check-in areas!!! Have a great day, my fellow bloggers. Love this site!!!!

  • Nice shot of a nice airport! That said, I agree with Frank re Singapore. I am sure you have flown through there on the way to and from Indonesia. I love the fact that Singapore uses Macs in their business lounge. Nice touch! I am with you on TSA.

  • How do you do these HDR’s with soo many people? I try but all I get is ghosting, and when I try to mask it, it looks horrible! Anyways, lovely photo and I hope you get a chance to read my message I sent you on flickr…

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot – love this Trey!

  • Thanks!

    Daron – It did not take too long – I am fast at this stuff now! hehe

    Frank – Yes I was either on a catwalk or up in one of the airline clubs -can’t remember!

    Speed – I talk about that a bit in my HDR tutorial

  • Trey – I know, I have read the whole tutorial, but when people move super fast there are 2 or 3 of them in the HDR. So I start masking out the bad and in the good, but I then lose the HDR-ness of that spot. Even if I do it at different opacities it still looks pretty bad. I’ll keep trying though…

  • Don’t even get me started about the TSA. I work part time for an airline so am at the Austin Airport 10-15 hours a week. I’m working on a lyric for a song…

    “Grandma’s got her shoes off
    Purse is in the tub
    TSA checking out her jar of vapor rub…”

  • RaulJones

    Interesting, as true HDR requires multiple exposures at different settings. Unless you cheated (as I’ve done). Results are the same, though, so I reckon that’s all that matters. 😉

  • Ronald Lam

    Trey, wonderful photos, as always.

    I am from HK and all my HDR knowledge came from your site, Sifu. So next time you stop by HK, drop me an email and let me show you around.


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