Scarlett at the Park

You all will indulge me from time to time with a cute baby photo, eh? Hehe… this is my youngest of three, Scarlett. She’s into patterns, soft food, and pudgy footstabs in the crotch. She also likes smiling, sleeping, and she prefers Mac to PCs.

If you want to see how much she’s grown up, here is a photo from her at Christmas, when we had Scarlett sitting inside of a Santa hat on Ethan’s lap.


  • Suzi

    She’s adorable, like all your kids! And clearly looks great in hats.

    That Christmas shot is probably the best holiday-card pic I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous!

  • Tom

    She’s adorable! …and a great capture as well, nicely done!

  • Wow man check out her eyes! She is going to be beautiful!

  • Barb

    She is just beautiful. Nice shot.

  • casusan

    She’s beautiful Trey! As are Ethan & Izzy – that Christmas pic is one of my all time favorites!

  • redro

    this has got to be my favorite photo on this site yet , she is just to pretty for words

  • casusan

    good to see the site back up and working… an old friend!

  • Perfect capture

  • Chris

    Was this done HDR? Or is that a regular shot?

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