The Milky White Geothermal Occurence

This place is awesome! I love the “Blue Lagoon” area of Iceland. Before I went, I could only think of that old movie with Brooke Shields. I never saw it, but I remember being in school and some dumb kid told me it was soooo cooool because it was full of boobies. I never knew what that meant, for sure, but shades of it hung out in the back of my mind when I visited this one.

Can you imagine dipping your toes into that and getting inside for a nice warm soak? It’s wild! It’s hard to describe how wild it really is.

There is a whole complex behind there with lockers, showers, a restaurant, and this sort of thing. The design inside is all Scandinavian and modern. They have private rooms you can rent that are swim-up. I met a nice couple from Colorado and they invited me into theirs. It was filled with food and all kind of things — it reminded me of a James Bond evil lair. Next time I go, I’m gonna get one of my own! I checked on the prices, and they were relatively cheap, even back before the economy collapsed there.

The Milky White Geothermal Occurrence (by Stuck in Customs)

  • This is wild, yet mildy confusing as to what exactly it is I’m looking at.

  • nice that place looks dreamy and mildly toxic… How come some times you still shoot your d2x when you have a d3?

  • Nice colors here! Love to go to Iceland someday, but first they need to get the economics back on track…

    @Zak, this shot was taken in 2007. Check the properties on the flickr page.

  • Some comment reply to other comments from someone living in Iceland.

    The Blue lagoon is a geothermal pool. There is a White silt like clay that comes up from deep in the earth. The clay is “reportedly” good for your skin. Anyway that is what you are seeing is the clay that has been deposited on the rocks as the water level rises and falls.

    I think if you could see the shooting date on the photo it would be
    from before he got the d2x

    There has never been a better time to visit Iceland. Tourism is up a lot this year. With the Kronor being low against other currency Iceland has suddenly become a cheap place to visit.

  • Wow… I am stunned. I really love your website and I woud be honored if you would accept a link exchange.
    I am waiting for a response. Thank you.


  • Lucky you, Trey!!!! I want to go there, too, lol!! Wonderful photo, looks like a really fun place to visit. Hope you do go back there again and get one of those rooms!!!! I missed seeing your pictures, but I’m going back and look when I have time!!!! 🙂

  • Ann

    The Blue Lagoon is an amazing place – I was there in March of this year on a very cold, very sunny day. The sunshine really brought out the otherworldliness of the place in a way I hadn’t expected: Stronger blues, brighter whites, stronger contrast of silica deposits on black volcanic rock, and dozens of heads bobbing in the water, clouded by steam off the surface.

    I would love to see a HDR photo of the lagoon in daylight. The photos I took there are very monochromatic – various shades of blue and white – but super-bright.

  • Frauke

    The blue lagoon! I don’t beliefe it!
    I spend all day Sunday there – on my second time in Iceland. It was SO great!
    Awesome shot, too!
    It is a place no one should miss on the trip to or through Iceland.

  • casusan

    This looks so neat – what a great place to visit and hang out!

  • Facebook User

    What’s this nonsense about waiting until their economy gets back on track?! Nows, the time! All I use to hear about Reykjavik is how expensive it was. Anyone down for a trip to Iceland?

  • Facebook User

    Oh yea! And, as always, killer photo Trey!

  • When we went to Iceland last march, the first thing we did before our crazy-waterfall-and-glacier-filled-photo-every-minute-hyper-tour, was spend the morning in the blue lagoon, and it was amazing, very surreal, but amazing. Considering it was a rather cool minus 10 degrees C, it was sooooooo warm inside, sometimes it hurt. Anyway, the coolest thing, besides the temperature that I can remember is the fact that it was a modern complex, but in the middle of a huge lava field, like nature and erm, not nature, collided, but in harmony. Anyway, you’ve captured this nicely, I reckon. Thanks : )

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Anonymous

    You’re not too smart are you Patrick Ahles? Now is the *perfect* time to visit Iceland *because* of the collapsed economy! Firstly, prices are low and secondly, for an island that depends on tourism, your euros will help them to recover.

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