A Leisurely Dinner Under the Stars

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place like this? I like these old European streets where great restaurants line edges… Let’s all move there… we can just go out and dine on the streets every night, eat fab food, see street performers, talk about photography, geek out, etc etc. Yes that sounds quite wonderful.

As you can see, I left in the HDR ghosting. Sometimes I quite like it, especially in these scenes where there is motion and feel like that’s part of the gestalt. I think these sorts of words are okay to use, even when not standing on a German street.

I am very appreciative to all the eyes out there scouring the intertubes! I had a nice girl who gave me the heads up on someone using images without permission. Her name is Shannon, and you can see her Flickr stream here. Thanks Shannon 🙂

A Leisurely Dinner Under the Stars

  • Trey, looks like you’ve found a motherlode of plagerism. Check this out bottom photo, looks like yours… http://www.flickr.com/photos/dominic_kamp
    dunno if you studied any art, but after a while you can identify the artists and their dirivative works. Looks like more than a few of yours, there.
    keep up the good work.

  • I don’t know how you can remain as calm as you are (or appear to be on-line)…BUT, with 350,000 + hits a month that you get, I am sure Dominic will get his fair share of negative emails…he is toast now!



  • Why are the lens flares looking like (slightly slanted) horizontal lines? Do you use any filters, or is it just the lens?

    Anyway, I love your work. Been lurking here for some time now..

  • Cafe sur Frauenkirche? Lady Cherries? Hmmm…. I won’t go there.
    I just think its a shame people feel a need to plagiarise, all it does is lead me to wonder how many of his photos actually are his photos. nice shot btw, i have a thing for ghosty-people, and blurry water ; )

  • Trey, any time a skywork or a reflection on the floor I think I can quiet sure say that this must be Trey’s work.

    Excellent work. Like this.

  • And he did a bad job of blending the horse into the grass. Looks like this guy does photo manipulaton on others art and claims it as his own. Very sad indeed. Looks like some of your New York photos on his stream.

  • I’ve got to figure this HDR thing out!! This is exactly how I see the streets of Europe (anywhere basically), but when I download the pics I took it’s like I only captured a fraction of what was actually there!

    I have the same question as Jan Muller: Do you use any filters?

  • I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but come ON. How anybody thinks that they can pass your work on as their own is just totally laughable.

    Did my first HDR photos this week. I do NOT claim to come close to your mad skills, but it sure is fun and more than a bit addicting. Thanks so much for the constant inspiration.

  • Rylan

    I have a shot similar to this except not nearly as good and I took the photo in San Francisco (there are narrow streets like this filled with restaurants and people in SF. Anyway, great work, as usual!

  • I LOVE streets like that. Wish we had some around here.

    The photo is gone, he took it down. Good job to all your fans that forced him to remove it!! If you’re gonna take someone else’s photo and pass it off as your own, don’t pick someone popular. D’OH! (Well, don’t do it in the first place either…)

  • I used to live in Brussels and one of my favorite parts was the street-side restaurants. Best pizza ever! This photo does a great job of capturing that warm, inviting atmosphere.

  • casusan

    Love this shot Trey – makes you want to book an airline at once!

  • Thanks!

    Barb – glad you are having fun with HDR! 🙂

    Dallas & Jan – no – I don’t use any filters at all. Just glass and light… I like everything as pure and clean as possible onto the sensor. You will find that certain wide-angle lenses will naturally do surprise flares and whatnot!

  • Kelly Parra

    I have seen your photos on the backgrounds app on the iPhone (http://stylem.com/iphone). Your NYC photo that was “rejected” by Smithsonian has a credit name of Matheus Sanchez. hmmmm.. There was a picture on there that was credited to you, although I’m sure a few others on that site are also yours. I just stopped being a detective at that first picture.

  • Hmmm interesting – that Sanchez must be dirty.

  • BTW – Dominic just sent me an apology, so that is something.

  • casusan

    good thing he apologized – it was the right thing to do….too late!

  • LOL, Trey! Dirty Sanchez, indeed. Nice one. BTW, I love your series of photos shot in Dresden and Leipzig so much that I actually booked a ticket today to former DDR. Doubt I will be able to create anything near as compelling as you do, but it is worth a try.

  • Great work Trey. You’ve been a great leader in this movement and we appreciate what it has added to this domain and to my personal experiences out with my boys and our SLRs! I have been following you for a couple of years but most people say what needs to be said so I’ve stayed pretty quiet in the forums. I’m the CEO of a robotics company Autonomous Solutions and I dull the intermittent stress and recent economic pain with photography on the side while on travel and around here in Utah. Since I likely won’t run into you at Yellowstone to get some personal wisdom/insights/experiences… (Heh, you should do a workshop up there or even an informal meet up for an HDR shoot! I wouldn’t miss it!) Personally I’d sure like to hear more of the business side as it plays into the photography side of your life. You’ve given small tastes from some of the road trips but I’d love to hear a little more since both sides are such a large part of my life too. Obviously people are following you for the photography and may not be too interested in the coupling with your business but I sure am. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks!

    Mel – yes – I don’t talk much about the biz side. I’ve started a few companies in the online space, and that experience has certainly helped StuckInCustoms.com – although my wife really runs the licensing side of that business. It’s all very interesting and evolving fast!

  • Like a bad penny, I’m back online. Great photo, Trey, love it!!! Now to catch up. Our fire is up to 400 acres now, but not near any houses. So, have a wonderful evening, all. See you tomorrow!!!!!

  • tom

    Good call Kelly, I just checked Matheus Sanchez’s flickr site and he definitely has Trey’s time square pic up:


    I agree Trey, that is one of the dirtier sanchez’s i’ve ever seen.

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