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I put together this video while in Yellowstone. As I have said before, it’s kind of shaky and lots of bits are out of focus. A whole lotta bits in fact!

If this is the kind of thing you’d like to see more of in the future, let me know.

After you follow the link above, you’ll see that it shows the conditions I was in and a bit of the approach for taking the following photo. Enjoy! 🙂

Ice Lake in the Summer

  • more videos please…thank you…

  • Thanks for sharing the video! The technical problems didn’t bother me. BTW, hear are my first attempts a few weeks ago at HDR (at the Grand Tetons). And I owe it all to you for introducing me to HDR!

  • Really enjoyed the video! Agree with previous poster that I am not concerned over the technical difficulties. I really like the informal approach as well, which feels more like a couple of friends out on a photo trek with you giving informal pointers, suggestions, etc. re shooting HDR in the field. More videos!!

  • casusan

    More more more videos! Super good Trey!

  • Thanks for the video, that added to my understanding. Also, thanks for introducing me to HDR, I’ve been able to show my friends what rich scenery exists near Yellowstone.

    Here is a shot of Henry’s Lake (about 10 miles outside West Yellowstone), taken last week. http://wcflies.com/blog/2009/07/henrys-lake-at-sunset/

  • Thanks yall – glad you are also having fun with HDR! 🙂

  • The colors in this photo are breathtaking.

  • Facebook User

    im sorry for ignorance but what kind of tripod head is that?

  • hz


    Like a million other idiots on the web, you think you’re improving on nature. The reality is the photos look garishly fake. If these images were sweets, our teeth would be rotten.

  • Love your work. Especially he interview with Clyde Aspevig! thanks so much for sharing these with the public! Keep up the great work. Hope to see more of your stuff!

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