A view with my coffee

Thank God McDonalds opened around 5 AM!

I woke up just before to put on my photo-ninja outfit to be sure to get the sunrise in Yellowstone. Once you are in the park, there’s not a lot of food or drink options, and it’s not a good idea to take a bag o’ food out into the wild. But, it was a good idea to stop at McDonalds in West Yellowstone to get a giant coffee.

The rivers in Yellowstone are fed by both rain and geothermal sources, so the water is a bit more warm than you would expect. The cool mornings, even in July, brings fresh steam off the tops. Once the sun finally comes up, it gives everything a golden hue.

I know that many of you have used my World of Textures Tutorial (thanks!) to try some different things with your photography. I still do this a lot too. Obviously, I did it here as well, and used three different textures to achieve this.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a new video that shot while at another location in Yellowstone. I gave a sneak peak of it to people that got the Newsletter… I tried to set low expectations, and that seemed to work because people liked it! Ah well… let me try to reset low expectations… it’s not that good.

A view with my coffee (by Stuck in Customs)

  • awesome ! I just love the atmosphere this pic generates. Great piece of art! Makes me eager to try out the textures tutorial !

  • loving the different colours trey!
    blue river, green grass, orangey sky etc…
    Think you’ve just converted me to texturism too, as I really like the effect this creates.
    On a more irrelevant note: do you know what software is used to create this site, in particular the blog? Thanks, and keep up the awesome work,


  • Facebook User

    HDR + Textures lovely combination. Great work Trey!

  • The textures are great, but I am loving the composition of the scene the most. Seems like you could get sort of philosophical about this shot. e.g Earth, Water, and Fire

  • Thanks all!

    Dan – This is a WordPress.

    Matt – yes you could! 🙂

  • casusan

    Oh wow!! How gorgeous Trey! Love this and the textures!

  • Its that simple! wow! should have thought to check out wordpress earlier!

  • Z

    That’s beautiful. I love the sense that this picture gives.

  • marc in calgary

    I try to not get hung up on whether it’s art or photo… obviously it’s both, and to try to not place this in a category that takes away from either.

    I’m not sure you’re trying to, but this look of having been printed on a plaster wall, is very comfortable, very easy to look at, perfect for enjoying a morning moment with a coffee.

  • Andrew

    Nice image… actually most of your images are great. And I appreciate the links you provide. Was wondering if you have any opnion about the Olympus EP1.


  • Love how ya painted the textures in on the edges of the foreground grass. Nice diversion Trey 🙂

  • Hey Trey nice shot, I was in Yellowstone 2 days ago, stayed in West Yellowstone for a few nights, absolutely stunning location.

  • Super work! I loved the texture tutorials (written and video), and use the included textures quite often, though not much with landscapes. As I really like how yours turned out, I might have to give that try.

  • Jan

    Wow man, that’s a really cool picture.

  • I find it interesting how you have the sky lit up with an orange shade, yet the reflection on the water is normal sky blue…

  • I love the texture overlay added to this image. that just puts it over the top for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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