Castle in the Black

I had a hard-edged rule that I am now considering breaking. Who am I kidding? I’m gonna break it for sure.

Now that Ethan is eight, we’ve been able to take him to Disneyworld a few times. Isabella is three and she has never been. I had a rule that it is silly to take kids on vacation before they are five, since you really can’t form long-term memories before that age. Yes yes, I know… Some people disagree with this. Like my wife. She says it is not good that there will be a missing child from our family vacation photographs, no matter how good I am at photoshopping Isabella’s head on a stunt-body. I try to offer the counterargument that a sub-five-year-old can have the same quantifiable amount of fun (within an acceptable margin of error) while at home with Disney movies. This, then, is thrown back in my face with my three-year-old having a dangerous fascination with Cinderella’s castle. She can hardly believe that it is a real place.

So now we are going to take her to Disneyworld. Not for her, but for us. Well, also for her. Okay it’s kind of for all of us. Rule broken.

Castle in the Black (by Stuck in Customs)

  • I’m sure there is a sweet spot for vacationing with your children. I do have a few memories of before I was five years old but most of them I believe were reinforced by a slew of pictures my parents took of me. I think it’s great you’re taking her now…even if she may not actually remember the moment without your pics.

    I went to Disney World waaaaay too late. I was well over 13yrs old and the magic for me was totally lost by then. It’s better to go while you still can enjoy things such as Cinderella’s castle. πŸ™‚

  • We had a similar thought. Kids are now 7 & 4, time to take them. Next summer we are planning on Disneyland. Not as much fun as Disneyworld, but being in Oregon, it’s easier and less expensive, I think. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and AWESOME photo!!!

  • what a beautiful shot!

  • Fiona Murphy

    I have a crayon masterpiece hanging on the back staircase wall (aka the Midget Museum, where the school are of the short people in the household finds a resting place). In it, a 3-year-old Delaney depicts herself flying through the air from the castle to a mermaid lagoon below, inspired by a trip we had just taken to Disneyland. To me, what is important isn’t that she remembered the trip per se but that in the time she was there, the boundaries of her little imagination broadened. She was too young at the time to envision herself flying through the sky from her home in WI. But seeing Tinker Bell do it in person… Well, that made it a possibility.Totally worth it.

    But then again, I rarely brave Disney World, choosing instead to ensconce myself and the offspring in the Grand Californian at Disneyland where the crowds are less brutal, the humidity isn’t oppressive and the hotel room is only an 8-min walk from the heart of the park.

  • Hey Trey, I’m curious, do you carry your tripod around Disney World?

  • casusan

    Magical shot Trey of a magical castle – glad she gets to go – she’ll love it!

  • Nice shot Trey, this is kinda irrelevant, but do you know what software is used to create this site, in particular the blog. Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work,


  • Nice shot of the castle, Trey! I’ve stood in that same spot taking pictures too, love the reflections and the fact that the castle changes colors all night long!

  • As a parent that has drug a child all over, including England (I live in the US) at 14 months, I highly recommend taking them.

    I have a few reasons that work for us:

    1) They may not remember it, but they learn from their experiences
    2) They learn to travel, and get used to it
    3) We enjoy it greatly πŸ™‚
    4) I had great fun with my son (who went to Disney before he could remember) with videos. I had video recorded him doing various things, and then a year or so later, I recorded him watching the first recording. Watching the difference between him at various ages, and also hearing the commentary that he made about himself was priceless πŸ™‚

    Go for it!

  • We took our daughter to EuroDisney for her 2nd birthday and she absolutely adored it.;;the wonderment at that age is priceless! She loved watching Disney films and knew lots of songs from the sing-a-long videos, seeing everything in the park had her smiling and laughing from morning ’till night. AND she remembers running after the Dee waffs! (the Dwarfs!) She ran right up to Dopey and hung onto his coat telling him – ‘you my favorite dee waff!’ Certainly not to be missed!!

  • Simply beautiful, Trey!

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  • Stunning image. The reflection also looks perfect (no ripples in the water).

    About very young kids on vacation. I’m pretty sure they will forget most of it (= don’t remember everything when they are adults), but the experience will shape them in (mostly) a good way. Probably it will make them more open for new experiences when they are five years old (or older) so they will remember those better later. Just my two cents πŸ™‚

  • Chris

    Great shot, love the reflection in the lake. Oh, and you’re 3 year old will totally remember Disney for at least a few years after you take her. Used to go with the ex-girlfriends 3 year old quite often and that was all she would talk about, she even remembered her way around the park after 2 visits.

  • Hi Trey…chanced upon ur ‘stuck in customs’ while I was searching for more info on HDR,Photomatix,Central Park in HDR…dont quite remember which link got me here but am so glad it did…just recall reading ‘hobbit’ n ‘Gandalf’ n ‘Frodo’ n what looked like a guy visiting NZ n that I’ll probably get to see it from the eyes of a kid fascinated with LOTR πŸ™‚ n after that I’ve been on ur blog for i donno how long :-)you have a lovely family…absolutely adorable kids and an awesome body of work…n off course a page on my favourite Disneyworld :-)) look forward to pics from ur NZ trip n hopefully to a photowalk in NY whenever there is one.

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