Adventuring in the Andes (and a new NBC TV Interview)

Argentina is gorgeous. Have I said that before? Doesn’t it go without saying by now?

You really get to know a set of mountains when you have to hike around them. Fortunately, in the middle of these death marches, I was able to stop and drink in some of the scenery. It took a lot longer than necessary to get to the destination, but at least I arrived with a camera full of photos.  That beautiful peak in the distance is Fitz Roy.  I was very lucky to see it, because 90% of the time it’s covered with clouds.

So, last night something else lucky happened! Here are the high points:

  • I did an interview that aired on NBC at 10 PM here in Austin.  The segment was all about HDR and turned out really well.   Jim Swift interviewed me and he did a great job editing together a nice little story.  You can see the full video by pressing play in the upper left hand area of the TV Station’s KXAN site. There is a second video down on the left with some extra interview stuff…
    • You guys should contact your local NBC affiliates and ask them to get the segment from KXAN – that would be cool!
    • The story also mentioned the HDR Tutorial, which you can get to via that link.
  • The news segment mentioned an upcoming PhotoWalk in Austin on August 6 that I am organizing.  You can find out more inside the Facebook Event!

Adventuring in the Valley (and a new NBC TV Interview) (by Stuck in Customs)

Unique type of photography hits Austin | (by Stuck in Customs)

You can click that picture just above to visit the NBC KXAN site to see the whole segment with Jim Swift.

  • Great interview. You seem so comfortable infront of the camera. And thanks to you, I really think HDR is starting to become main stream. Rockin image of Argentina too!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Were do we start today!!! well i guess the photo from your trip to Argentina will do, another great image, lovely colours, looks really peaceful there.

    As for you video, nice job, it’s funny how you can learn so much from seeing how something is done, rather than trying to learn something from text, i.e books, blogs, forums etc.. That’s a short but well put together video, but really shows a lot in your thinking process, and also how you set everything up, nice and natural.
    Maybe nice to hire a film crew and do a full 20minute or half hour show, but i guess that’s gonna come one day, a natural progression of your career i think.

    As Michael.S say’s your a natural in front of the camera, having listened to all your radio interview’s in the past, it’s nice to see you in person explaining what you do and who you are,although was a little short, in fact i feel a little sorry for those people that have interviewed you on the Radio in the past, and also the guy at KXAN, they all seem to get a little lost in their questioning sometimes, but you pull all back together.

    As for the Photowalk, i’m not going to be able to make it, it’s a little bit to far for me here in France at such short notice, but, i think you said you maybe in France at the end of the year, maybe you could do the same thing here.

    Anyway have a great weekend

    All the best


  • Trey…great job!! Enjoyed your interview…thanks for the link. Congrats on so many levels…your book, your interviews…wow, you’re a marvel!!



  • Excellent interview, Trey.

  • Wow, Trey, congratulations on your interview, it was really great!!! My hubby watched it too. As for today’s photo, it’s already on my desktop!!!! I love it, don’t need to say anymore 😉 !! We are going up on the mountain and cut some firewood(hubby is doing that part), so this is all I get to see this morning until we return. So hot here now, have to get out there early!!!!! Have a wonderful Friday, all!!!

  • Enjoy the image and I must say that was a Great Interview Trey!

  • I thought you came across great in your interview! You certainly have inspired me — I started shooting HDR pictures the day after I discovered your blog, and I haven’t looked back. By the way, for your fans on a budget who cant afford Photoshop plus Photomix, I use the HDR suite that’s part of Corel Paintshop Pro X2 Photo Ultimate (99 bucks)and have had some good results.

  • Wow thats awesome! keep following your heart and great things will keep happening!

  • casusan

    Wow!! Love this photo today – sooo beautiful! And the interview was super great -you did really well and seemed so natural! Way to go!

  • i have followed your site for a long time now but just found out from the interview that you only see out of one eye. I was hit in the eye three years ago with a puck while photographing a hockey game and now only see out of one also. Has not slowed me down one bit and obviously the same for you. Keep up the great work.

  • Great interview…and the photo is amazing. I hope HDR becomes mainstream as you predicted!

  • That is an absolutely awesome picture buddy.

  • Facebook User

    Sweet interview, wished I lived closer for the photo walk. Orlando is quite a hike 🙂

  • Really nice shot there, Fitz Roy is such an impressive mountain, and I think you’ve captured it really well. As for the interview, you did good. Did it all come that naturally or did you do a few takes? I found it funny that they were talking about HDR as if it was literally a day old, as if they had never (which they probably hadn’t) heard of it before, made me feel special, ahead of the times : )

  • Trey-
    Caught last night! I was so excited to see you on tv! Was Jim Swift as nice as he seems?! 😀

  • Thanks all – glad you liked it… although you all know all that stuff anyway… so maybe NOT news to you!

    Dan – no – it was all only one take, but he did edit out parts where I droned on about boring things…. !

    Martha – yes – Jim is a super duper nice guy… I’d hang out with him any time!

  • Loved the 2 video interviews! I enjoyed seeing you somewhat “in person”.

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