Arriving Home in Vegas

Vegas is filled with all these cool secret spots. I suppose this one isn’t all that secret, but I had never heard of it! This is the entrance to the Skylofts At MGM Grand Las Vegas. And this is just the elevator bank! I got a nice little private tour of some of the suites and they were quite amazing. I have those pics sitting in waiting, still unpublished. At first, I was thinking these were the kinds of places that were saved for the uber-elite whales of Vegas, but the prices aren’t that different than a nice Four Seasons.

I’ve been working on editing a new video of how I took an HDR photo in Yellowstone. I’ll give a first look to everyone that is on the Newsletter list. We’ll try to get that thing out this weekend or so! Now, I can tell you that as I edit this thing… it’s very shaky! What can I say… I just used one of those little Flip Video jobs. So, obviously, I’m trying to undersell the thing…. but maybe y’all can get some good information about how I took one of the Yellowstone shots.

Arriving Home in Vegas

  • Aussie

    Woohoo, finally get to see the master at work. :p

  • Nigel

    Love the contrasting ice cold mirrors with the warm orange carpets

  • Mesmerising…..Great job once again. I really dig these Las Vegas shots!
    I’m heading today to San Antonio for the weekend. I’ve never been, anyone have any favorite places to shoot that they recommend?

  • Amazing shot, Trey!! The colors are beautiful. I have to check and see where we are staying in Vegas when we go to my hubby’s Air Force reunion in October. I’m sure it won’t be there, lol. And thanks for the tip, control – worked great, my page is back to normal!!! Looking forward to the newsletter!!!! All the best!

  • Cool – thanks

    Matthew – the River Walk is always a sure hit! 🙂

  • Nice colors, I can imagine myself walking down that corridor. Look forward to the news letter, can’t wait to see you work.

  • Mark

    Apple’s iMovie has this feature for your shaky movie:

    Steady shaky clips.
    Don’t leave those perfect — if slightly wobbly — moments on the cutting-room floor. New video stabilization in iMovie analyzes how much your camera was moving, then automatically reduces shake. Stabilize on a clip-by-clip basis or analyze all your video (the latter may take a while, but it’s worth it). iMovie even identifies moments when the camera was excessively shaky and marks that footage with a squiggly red line, so you can hide it.

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Another beauty.

    All the best


  • casusan

    Wow!! Love this – the blues and the chrome- cool Trey!

  • @mark: i was just going to point out imovie 09’s video stablisation (yep, no z’s, i’m british and write correctly : ) feature. its very good, so long as you dont mind losing the edges of your frame. you can control how much is cut off by using the max zoom slider.

    from personal experience it works great (even on incredibly shaky underwater videos of fishes)

    ps. apologies for my stereotypically british sense of humour, it just sort of comes out…

  • Thanks!

    Dan and Mark – I should have tried that stabilization thing first… ! Oh well… maybe next time.

    Dan – I like the British sense of humour… keep it up 🙂 But not too much.

  • Like marmite! do you have that in the US?
    Yeah, sarcasm and general cynicism can be over done/make you feel depressed and insulted rather than amused.

  • Casper van Zyl

    the blue corridor.

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