The SRV Statue in Austin

This is the famous Stevie Ray Vaughn statue in Austin. It’s almost as famous as that little statue of mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark (at least to Texans). It sits on the edge of Lady Bird Lake and I see it almost every day when I go on a run. In fact, I saw it today. We’ve had over a week of 100+ degree days here in Austin, and it’s getting a little old. I’m not the young man I used to be when it comes to this sort of thing.

You can see a few cranes out there over downtown. They are in the middle of building two more high rise condos. I’ve been waiting patiently for them to finish so I can grab a shot of the new Austin skyline of 2010. 2010 – it’s pretty close – can you believe it?

SRV at Sunset (by Stuck in Customs)

  • That is an awesome statue glad you took of photo of him, i love how his shadow is him playing the guitar!

  • Great shot man! Funny how you mentioned Denmark though. I live in Odense, Denmark, but I’m currently on vacation in Austin and just stumbled upon your website through my passion for photography. Anyway, I admire your work and I’m looking forward to see more from you.

  • Great photo, Trey. I’m glad Zak pointed out that the shadow is playing the guitar! I noticed the shadow, but not the guitar. Very neat. And you get to run by this everyday you are home, hey. Wow, lucky you!!!! Bet you have to get up very early now with that triple digit heat down there!! We might get that here Saturday. My hubby has been getting up early or going out late to split the wood up for this winter. He almost has the over 3 cords done!!!! Way ahead this year. My yahoo home page is acting strange this morning. It thinks I’ve converted to a huge monitor, lol. I can’t get the regular size page, either the narrow or to big, strange. But that’s yahoo, or else it’s the explorer acting up. Although my tool bars seem to be the normal size. Anyway, have a great day everyone. I’m writing to much again!!!!!

  • Thanks all… hehe

    Gayle – maybe you can try Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to change the size of the page within the browser… sometimes that works!

  • This is a amazing shot Trey!. I always love your sky work. The austin downtown (?) skyline and the buildings add to the beauty of the picture. The lighting is just perfect. Overall a 10 on 10 for this picture Trey!!!

  • Wonderful shot of one of my favorite musicians! Wow!

  • casusan

    I didn’t notice either that he was playing the guitar in his shawdow! Cool shot Trey!

  • Gail

    Thanks, Trey, it’s working ok on Firefox. I’ll try that control + or tomorrow morning if yahoo is still not working right on explorer. All though I did get a critical update from microsoft while I was gone. That might fix it??? But it won’t connect with facebook on firefox, lol. Oh well, can’t have everything, right, lololol!!!

  • It’s a very great picture. I can’t think of a better way to illustrate a visualization of Vaughn’s impact on music.

  • Trey,
    Believe it or not I didn’t see your post for today until just now. Check out my post from this morning… Pretty funny I guess we were on the same wavelength…
    … I like your image better. 🙂


    btw… I noticed I can’t include a link to my site in a comment anymore. Too bad, I had received a number of kind comments from your followers.

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