The Blood-Colored Walls of Tomb

This is Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi. It’s a wonderful place full of a rich bouquet of textures and light. There isn’t a bad shot of it to be had in this well-preserved Moghul tomb, and these light levels were made for HDR.

I’ve put another image of this tomb in the upcoming book. I talked a little more about the shot and some additional explanation about how it was made. When I go around and give talks, get feedback, and hear all the comments here on the blog, flickr, and facebook, I get a lot of repeat questions. I think the book will be a good chance to get them all in a nice definitive place where almost everything can be addressed. At least, I hope so!

The Blood-Colored Walls of Tomb (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Fantastic HDR!

  • Facebook User

    Wow, love the colors in this one Trey! Great job!

  • Ken Liu

    great work as always.

  • another amazing hdr comp!

    will he ever post a bad comp for the hell of it?

  • Nice work…. Actually like the flaring effect – normally seen as a ‘bad thing’…

  • I left you a comment on Flickr, but you deserve one over here as well. This is simply fantastic!

  • chris

    Trey, so I got my first nikon D40 recently.. when can i expect to be a pro like you? haha, i kid.. i really like your work and its inspired me to start looking at the world a little differently, where anything can become a work of art. keep up the amazing work and so, now, will I.


  • as chris said, you are the one who has inspired me to attempt hdr so thanks : )
    like the way the tomb seems to glow in this one, very cool

  • hey thanks all – glad some of you are having as much fun with HDR as I am! 🙂

    Chris – hehe… just be sure to shoot in RAW and start some HDR processin’ – I guess you saw the tutorial?

  • casusan

    Love this and the colors and lighting Trey!

  • I want your gig, Dude!! Simply beautiful!

  • Hey Trey, Can’t wait to get the book. Quick question; I ordered the book without the print (I ordered before the details of the print were out). Is it too late to add the print to my order?


  • Johm,

    Yes a little tough to do that… It’s really tough to keep everything straight I’m afraid on the back end – we are not as sophisticated as Amazon! sorry about that!

  • Wow, that’s so amazing. I love the blue coming in from outside

  • Peter Pllantener

    Thanks for many wonderful pictures and for sharing your techniques with the photography community. I enjoyed your interview at recenly, encourage others to listen!
    A question: many of your architectural HDRs such as this one has a Orton-like effect (simultaneously hazy and sharp). Combined with the vivid colors and the details, it creates a dreamlike mood.
    How do you create this effect? –

  • chris


    yeah man, i’ve been following you for the past year or two.. readin up on all your tutorials and i want to buy your book. I am a sound designer by trade, but i love visual stimulation as much as the next artist.. Ive been shooting in RAW, and just picked up adobe lightroom to archive my photos.. slowly i will begin to do some editing. i want to amass a collection to choose from before i dive in!

  • alice

    such beautiful photography. we can not wait for your book to get here! i ordered a copy for myself and one for my son.

  • Thx very much all

    Peter – it is orton-y eh? Part of that is explained in the HDR Tutorial – has to do with the remixing part

    Chris – cool you are a sound designer – that kind of thing is interesting to me.

    Alice – cool – thanks so much!

  • Rod

    ok that is so very kewl.

  • Darshan

    do u know ths reality of taj -


  • Dee

    Beautiful!!! The colors look amazing. HDR is something I should definitely try!

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