Documenting the Pilgrimage

The temples sprawl all around Cambodia. This is quite the holy spot for Buddhists who travel here from locations all around the world. You can tell what sect they are from based on their robes. I was able to sit with one for a few hours and we watched dozens of monks walk by and he could tell me exactly where each one was from based on the slight color variation in their robes and the way it was folded.

Also, if you all want to see some of the behind-the-scenes activity here and see the book-cover selection process for “A World in HDR“, visit the Stuck In Customs Facebook Fan Page, where we have a discussion forum. Once you are in there, just click on “Discussions”, and you can see the four images we were considering for the cover. Feel free to give your opinions in there… I put one of the other favorites here below!ย  These were all designed by the great Fabian Barral, who I feel very lucky to work with on the book.

That FB Fan Page is also a good place to have “General Discussions”. The only bad thing about the blog is that each discussion is tied to a single post. That’s great, and people always seem to have interesting ideas and experiences to share. But I wanted you to know that you are more than welcome to start up any discussion you wish inside the FB Fan Page Discussions area…

The Guardians of the Temple (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Very nice picture, It gives a fine contrast with the darker temple and the orange monks.

  • fine picture Trey…. very nice distant view.

  • Good Morning, all!! Sunshine makes me smile when I get up!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice picture, Trey. How nice you had someone there that could tell you all that information about how to identify the different spots they were from, that had to be so interesting!!! I voted for #1 on the Fan discussion. I might go back and look at that again as I didn’t look at the other ones, dah. Anyway, we all are excited about your book and can’t wait!!!! Good luck with it!

  • LOL, I just looked at the rest and I still think #1 is the best. Love that picture and it displays your talent well and will catch the eye of the beholder. That will inspire them to buy the book. Do you think you will make it available in the major book stores, also?? I think you would reach a lot more people that way????? That’s just my opinion, anyway. And what do I know, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – interesting story too – something I would never have known!

  • THanks all! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gail, Yes the book will be in Borders and Barnes & Noble and all those sorts of places. The publisher in PeachPit, and they have excellent in-store presence.

  • Barb

    I like #1 for the cover. The others remind me of textbooks.

  • Nice job you’ve done on your site – are you having fun with it? It’s interesting and well worth the time to visit.

  • Gimpat

    Trey, I am considering buying your book, but… I live in Japan. Would it be possible to have it shipped here?

  • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jason – yes good times hehe
    Gimpat – we are working on other shipping/buying options and getting them up on the website soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jul

    tiens tiens, ca ressamble un peu ร  un cadre que j’ai pu voir en vente ร  la fnac!

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