This is gonna be a long hike (and an announcement soon!)

The 40km hike in Argentina (which my legs still feel and probably always will), it started out by ascending a small mountain in the Andes. A small mountain in the Andes, by the way, is a mountain of incomprehensible proportions in any other part of the world. After a harrowing trip, I was greeted with this view of the rest of the hike. Luckily, I was tired enough to grant myself an excuse to take off my pack and put together my Inspector Gadget camera setup to grab this shot.

In other news… wait just a few hours… we have a big announcement coming! 🙂

This is gonna be a long hike (and an announcement coming soon!)

  • Tina

    Great photo! That does look like quite a hike, but it is always worth it when you get to the top! BTW, happy birthday! 🙂

  • Your pregnant!? Congrats…

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great photo, nice composition.

    As for the announcement, i think Trey said he was giving all his camera gear to the person who writes the third comment, hey thats ME, hahahahahaha

    All the best


  • Thanks!

    Dan – you are wrong – I am not preggers… well not quite…

    Mike – So close!

  • Ok, fouth comment then? 🙂

  • So it was the 4th commenter (not including Trey)?

    Great composition, and very nice colors!

  • Deb

    Beautiful photo! Such a lovely place-no civilization that I can see.
    And I am wondering about that announcement?!? Very mysterious of you-now I can’t wait to hear the news!!!

  • This is one of my favorites, so much in one photo. Let me guess……you’ve written a book.

  • Great photo, Trey!!! I looked at your announcement first, lol. But won’t spoil the surprise. Having trouble with facebook this morning. My posts on your site aren’t showing up there. Maybe they will eventually. I don’t know how you made that hike!!!! But glad you did. Thanks for sharing once again!!

  • Wow…. read the announcement before viewing this photo… Treat…

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