The Roadhouse

This classic Texas roadhouse sits about two hours outside of Austin. It’s not even really in a town, but one of those places that is somewhere between. I happened to catch a cowboy just popping in at the last possible second.

Tomorrow night we have a most excellent horse on the ranch picture that I am working on for all you animal lovers… (and ranch lovers!)

The Roadhouse

  • really nice colors, the distorsion is distracting – and – maybe I am too picky, but the pinkish shirt is distracting the nice atmosphere the picture generates. It just does not match with the other colors.
    The pic would have been better (I think) without the two people sitting on the deck and only the cowboy hat in the window.
    I like the way you describe the area – A place somewhere in between. There are many interesting areas in the area you live and you seem to have a special eye to see something special in the common…. Great work – you encourage people to look beyond and dig deeper. Thats what I like about your photography and style.

  • John

    Looks great. I live in central Texas, and would love to know where this is.

  • Great pic, Trey, I want to go there 😉 !! Love this one. I don’t see any pinkish shirt, just blue/purple? I guess when I look at a picture, I see the whole thing and don’t look for anything distracting. Seeing people in your pictures doesn’t bother me at all. After all, you can’t very well go around and ask folks to leave their food because you want a picture, lol. I had to go back and look for the cowboy, saw just his hat, neat. I’m looking forward to your ranch picture. I am an animal lover and grew up on a farm, so I know I will love that one!!!! Happy 4th of July, everyone in the U.S. Looks like it’s going to be a hot one here!

  • Alex Macnab

    Love this one b/c of the wood grain that always comes out so well in HDR (much like rust comes out well). Roadhouse..Patrick Swayze..the memories.

  • casusan

    I love this one Trey – I want to go there too!

  • Gotta love those Texas Dives. I bet they have great burgers.

    Great photo by the way!!

  • Is that your shadow in the foreground?
    If so, how come i can’t see any tripod legs?
    Also, How come sometimes you post as “Stuck In Customs” and other times as “Trey Ratcliff”?
    Does this mean that most of the time you have a team of highly educated chimps who post for you under the Stuck In Customs name?

  • We’ll edited! I love the vintage coca cola signs. This is great. I really like the subtlety of this photograph.

  • Jason

    Love your pictures, but confused by the description! The Roadhouse is, in fact, in a town – Bastrop – and is only 45min from Austin…

    It’s a great place for burgers (or fried fish on Fridays), and they have live music on the deck on weekends.

  • Thanks!

    That is my shadow there… I didn’t like it there, but the angle made it unavoidable… bummer!

    I know sometimes I am Trey and sometimes Stuck. It depends on if I am logged into the blog or logged into FB — this is confusing and I know it’s a prob! 🙂

  • Ha I like your angle with the girls face, is that so you didn’t have to have her sign a model release form?

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