The Ice Lake in Summer

I made a video! When I took this shot a few days ago in Yellowstone, I had a little video camera to record the process. It’s not the highest quality thing in the world, but at least you guys and gals will be able to see a little bit about how I took the shot in the field. I’ll probably include the video in the next newsletter, which is free and I invite you to subscribe.

This place is called the Ice Lake. I saw it on the map and it sounded like a cool hiking destination. I didn’t expect it to be icy, so I wasn’t disappointed.

Ice Lake in the Summer

  • I can’t see it here (had to go to Flickr, since “this photo is currently unavailable”), but it is really gorgeous. Very nice colors! Looking forward to the vid.

  • Richard

    How about adding a flavicon to the site?

  • I also got “THIS PHOTO IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE”, though it seems to be pretty available on Flickr. The is image is really SUPER.

  • Deb

    Got an “unavailable” message too. Going to Flickr to see it. Have a Great day!!

  • Kim

    went to flickr to see it too, great shot

  • Wow, what a beautiful picture, Trey!!!!! I love this one, will have it on my desktop after the 4th. Had to go to flickr to see it and enlarged it there. Just spectacular!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the video in the newsletter!!

  • Arkanjil

    I follow your site via RSS, and the last few picts have been coming up with a big “This photo is unavailable” label on a white background- Only thing I can think of, is your Flickr account paid up?

  • Sorry this “Photo Not Available” thing is very strange!!

    I think it could be because I am at a very remote location this week with only scant satellite access… I’ll see if I can figger it out!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    WOW, that’s a beautiful photo, just took a look at the image full size over at Flickr, amazing quality with the 24 million pixels, prices are starting to come down for the D3x now.
    I’m going to wait until the end of the summer before deciding wether to go for the D700, or “throw caution to the wind” and go for the D3x.
    Outstanding quality.

    Look forward to the video.

    All the best


  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey…looks so peaceful there! I can see the image here now!

  • Hey Trey, I’ll try this again, I posted this earlier but it didn’t show up. I have seen the “Photo Not Available” thing come up when I have done a bit of tweeking on an image and done a ‘replace image’ in Flicker & not replaced the Flicker link in my wordpress blog. Just a thought…


  • Divine….. I wish I just stay there alone… thanks for capturing this Trey. Colors / Composition is amazing.

  • very nice pic – great composition, great colors !

  • I love shots from Yellowstone. I can’t wait to get out there and shoot

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