It’s a hot summer in the states but a cool winter in Argentina

I know some of you remember Natalia from El Chalten on the southern tip of Argentina, so I thought I would add another photo of her.

When we were walking back from the shoot, it got a little chilly, so she covered up a bit. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this or not… but she’s one of those gals that always seems to be posin’. Kinda like Angelina, I suppose, where you get the sense that she is always aware of the presence of a camera. So, since I had on the 50mm 1.4, I took a few quick ones like this while walking down the trail.

It's a hot summer in the states but a cool winter in Argentina (by Stuck in Customs)

  • With a name like Natalia, how can you not love her?!

  • iLikesky

    very nice!

  • Beautiful.

  • hi,
    really nice photo.
    how did you get such a blurred background?
    was this with a narrow focal point when you shot it or done in photoshop afterwards?
    cheers, dan

  • Everyone on the facebook posting is fussing about the cig, lol. It absolutely belongs in the image though; whether one believes it belongs anywhere else or not. She exudes that kind of attitude that you expect to see in a young woman smoking. I find it amusing that the foreground hand looks a bit like a fist – adds to the attitude.

  • It is a great photo! I don’t smoke btw.

  • Trey, I usually really like your photographs, but this one really is out of the standard. You completly messeg up the focus on the girl. It seems like you’ve wanted to focus on the girls arm, but then this region of the picture hasn’t barely any details left.

    The girl looks directly at the viewer, but the eyes and the face are blurred. This is really disturbing.

    I really hope you won’t show us such a picture again.
    Of course, every photographer has some junk from a shoot that could be a nice picture, but has to be thrown away because of big erros on the picture – I guess this is such a case. It’s a nice picture, if you would not have messed up with the focus.

    @dan leitch:
    That’s pretty simple. He used the 50mm with a very wide open aperture, thus making the focus layer very small. And, as I mentioned before, Trey focused the arm in front of the photo, so the background is pretty far away from the focus layer thus blurring pretty strong.

  • Simon

    If you’re going to post rubbish like this, I’m out of here. You’ve been phoning it in for a long time now.

  • I love that people think their opinions on YOUR photos actually matter, as if this is a paid shoot of their daughter. You just have to laugh.

    I love this shot, funky & snarkey.

  • Boy, Trey, this one sure brought out the criticism. I think they forget it is your website and if you want to throw in a picture like this once or twice a year, that is your privilege, after all. This photo sure shows Natalie’s perky attitude. Great job. And as for the cig., if she smokes, she smokes, mute point. I’m sure you will just let some of these comments roll off and take them with a grain of salt. Keep those wonderful pictures coming!!! 🙂

  • casusan

    I don’t get what these complainers are talking about – it seems to me that you focused on her face and that look in her eyes! I like it!

  • Wierd. The photo appears to have pixels around her face on this site, but when I Look at it on your flickr page all seems fine.

    Great photo Trey. It could be a Russian cigarette ad! Beautiful girl too.

  • Loopsta

    Gah.. too many people are AGAIN judging by what may be shunned in Their culture or country, are they the smoking police ? Argentina and Chile have a high percentage of smokers compared to ..ehem.. other countries so its good social documentary. She has great camera presence or maybe as Trey pointed out “always aware”. I like the shot, it portrays inner confidence and i am sure she would have a lot to say to the “smoking police” should they dare to address her 🙂

  • i like it. why some bitch about the technical aspects, leads me to believe they haven’t seen the picture. i say post a series of ’em, so the ones that threaten to ‘leave’, actually start to see the pictures intead of looking at them.

  • Brad Truxell

    Very cool photo. I am becoming more and more fond of portrait shots. This one stands out for me because everything is out of focus except for the fur in her jacket and her front arm…not to mention, she is cuter than ever!

  • hmm…. I seem to see it different, I kinda like this picture for the wide aperture shot. Nevertheless, what I do not understand is the very bright non-smoking hand! Was it intentional?

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Nice photo, although you say that “it got a little chilly, so she covered up a bit” looks to me like she was a little hot and was just beginning get UNcovered lol.

    All the best


  • Personally I am glad to see a photo on here that is less than perfect, but quite frankly a little clipping on the hand, big deal. I love seeing what others can acheive to help give me some new inspiration. It is strange though that it looks much better on flikr than here.

    Trey – The added info regarding what lens you used is great. It helps novice photographers like myself get a better understanding of how to acheive different effects (like mentioning the flashlights the other day). Keep up the good work, the magnificent work, and the just ok work. Us real fans are here to stay!


  • hehe you guys are funny – thanks for all the feedback… her hand is over exposed because of the direct sunlight… I don’t normally like shooting in direct sunlight for that reason. Her face was in shadow, so I based the brightness on that.

  • Jim

    This isn’t a portrait. The focus should always be on the eye and in this case it’s not. Your travel stuff is absolutely stunning, but this isn’t. it should have been stuck in the trashcan, not on the front page.

    They say to only show your best work. This isn’t it.

  • The amazing beauty of this woman, alone, cancels out any photographically related technical faux pas that others have pointed out, IMHO. You could post pics of this beauty each day, good or bad, for the rest of the year and that would be just fine with me!

    Your photographs inspired me to try HDR and continues to inspire me each and every day. Keep up the excellent work. JMB

  • Wow, looking at some of these comments, you’d think Trey committed a crime against the church or something. I see the technical flaws, but really – this is a beautiful picture. It’s the eye contact that does it for me. As if she has a secret, that sly smile. There is much that can be read into it…

    It’s not a typical HDR, or even Trey’s typical HDR. So? Even Trey is permitted to try new things.

  • I really like your portraiture shots, but I have to agree with André on this one: you totally missed the focus on this shot. The eyes are out of focus! It appears the focus is on the sleeve of her coat (bottom of the frame). I wouldn’t pay attention to those who claim that they are “out of here” for posting shots like this, but I would certainly think about posting shots which are properly in focus (though you are free to do what you want, of course).

  • Hehe thanks all… yes people can sure complain a lot about free entertainment! 🙂

    Well… I figure that if people don’t like one shot or another, it’s no big deal… if they just come back the next day something new will be up. With 365 new photos per year, I don’t expect them to have 100% appeal to 100% of the viewers! No problemo.

  • mathias

    most of you stuff is great but this is sub standard for sure. the focus is on the edge of the fur not her eyes where is should be. definately average photo. but your right it is your website and you can put up whatever you want! for the most part, awesome stuff.

  • Mike

    Oh good grief people! You sure have a lot of nerve to hop on someone’s free website and complain. The internet and its’ anonymity sure has brought the idiot in people.

    Trey, thank you for all the hard work you put into putting up a new photo every single day for the thousands who come and look. Your work is stunning and inspiring, and I look forward to visiting every morning.

    Tell those dopes to go find a new place to visit!

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  • marc in calgary

    my birthday was on the 24th, I thought at first look, that this was Trey’s gift to me! a surprising number of negative comments. originally, I thought the website was to step out of bounds of the normal photo websites and to showcase some real cool software, but when Trey steps out from those constraints, he gets comments like, “you’ve been phoning it in for a long time”.
    I agree that the photo doesn’t have the color “in your face” like so many others, and outside of Natalia’s small show of red hair, it doesn’t have the same degree of color as the others normally do. Does the software only work to change the entire photo? or can it be used to bring out certain rays of sunshine?

    (and I don’t like to shoot in full sun either, 5 minutes before the deluge of rain is my friend…)

  • hehe thanks all – good to read everyone’s comments

  • mathias

    mike – no one’s complaining. Ever heard of critiquing? whether or not someone likes a picture is completely subjective yes. technically though this photo is very good because of the softness of the face. the position etc. of the subject is great. if the only thing written on this website (or any photo website for that matter) was “this picture is awesome” it wouldn’t do a whole lot to improve the photographers skills. call it nerve sure, better than just trying to blow smoke up someone’s butt.

  • mathias

    “technically this photo ISN’t very good”. is what i meant to say

  • Simon

    The point that you’re all missing is that this isn’t just some random blog, Trey makes himself out to be an authority in the photographic world with his tutorials, reviews and newsletters. Lots of aspiring photographers come here for advice and inspiration, and he rewards their loyalty with stuff like this…take away the over-done post-production and you’re left with this. Really average work.
    Dream location, dream camera, stunning model, and this is the result?
    If you think otherwise, slap yourself round the head and spend 10 minutes over at Burn magazine and check out some quality work.

  • Jeremy

    I think this photo is terrific. Makes me wish I could of been in patagonia with a gorgeous woman making great photo’s

  • Chris

    Good post Simon. This photo is really bad, yet the fanboys would never admit a fault. A portrait with eyes lost in a shallow depth of field is terrible and the blown out hand is distracting.

    This blog is no longer interesting to me, Trey lost his touch this year.

  • Matt

    She makes me want to start smoking!

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