Scooping Junk in Mumbai

These three guys spent at least eight hours out in the bay of Mumbai (Bombay is the British name) scooping up junk into their little boat. I know this because I kept passing the same place over and over again by the seafront. This was actually right by the Taj Mahal Hotel that was recently bombed, so I remember it very well.

After my third go-around, I leaned over the sea wall as they approached. After I got a few shots in, they all waved happily. There were not many white people around there, so I think I kinda stuck out, especially with the big ol’ camera.

Scooping Junk in Mumbai

  • Hi Trey,

    Beautiful photo as always (don’t why i always write that as all your photo’s are beatiful)

    Nice subtle colours, almost as if it was painted.

    All the best


    After all this time i decided to finally put my picture up, using the facebook connect app.

  • Hi Trey,

    Not sure why, but my facebook photo doesn’t seem to show, used your Facebook connect app. ?????

    Mike Diblicek

  • Great pic, I like the colors, composition – well done !

  • Great photo, Trey!!! What a way to make a living, hey. Ditto on what Birgit said, well done!!! Thanks so much for taking us on your adventures via your pictures!!!!!

  • absolutely loveee this one trey. great central composition, but unique angle.. the brownish hue over everything really gives it an earthy, real feel..

    also, the vignetting on the corners really work with the central boat.

    great job, one of my favorites by far

  • Mike – thanks for the note… I don’t know why your pic is not showing up? Maybe give it a day… somethings these things work themselves out.

    Birgit and Gail – thanks as always!

    Elliot – great – glad it is one of your favorites!

  • casusan

    This is a great shot Trey -what a way to make a living!

  • This really is nice work Trey.
    The strange angle really helps it stand out mate.

  • Thats awesome! I like how much character that boat has.

  • Trey
    Outstanding impressionism, true to your craft, vision, and skill. Bravo!

  • This is so realistic. Its like looking at a 3D image…

  • Michael

    Hey Trey,
    Awesome picture, how do you get photos of people to come out so well? I’ve always had the most trouble with live shots of people, I’d give a years worth of landscape pictures to have one come out as well as this.

  • Dee

    Awesome picture Trey. I like how you transformed a regular everyday work picture into art.

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