The Granite Cleaves

I’ll be going back to Montana towards the end of the month, so I decided to process this shot from Glacier National Park.

I took my wife and son down to the edge of the lake, and there were these giant granite blocks on the perimeter. The regular freezes and thaws around the lake created these right-angle cuts. It was nice to have them there with me… they got to hear me drone on and on about rocks and whatnot. I used to have a double-major in Geophysics and Computer Science, so I know the sorts of things about rocks that only come in handy when you have a captive audience like a family stuck on one while you are taking photos.

I ended up dropping the Geophysics part of the double-major after an ideological fight with a professor. That’s a longer story.

The Granite Cleaves (by Stuck in Customs)

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    Wow, very cool Trey! Love the texture in this photo. Also love how at first your drawn to what’s right in front of you but then all of the sudden your drawn into the faraway mountain!

  • What a breathtaking landscape! I like the vertical orientation; works great with the wide angle, being able to see the rocks in front of you.

  • Bo Engleby

    I found the matching folds on either side of the lake as intersting as the cleaved granite. The erosion from water flow (?) cut deeply into folds to produce this shape. How gigantic the forces would have been to cause the folds shown here. The layers above the folds would also be duplicated below water line. Great picture.

  • Wow, Trey, absolutely gorgeous picture. The glaciers caused a lot of the formations as well as the actions of the earths crust millions of years ago. Glacier Park is a wonderful place to visit. It’s full of almost every kind of formation you can imagine. And the wild life and flora are great, too. Trey, what part of Montana are you coming to?? I’ll be at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort next weekend at a TOPS function. Hope you can come to the Bitter Root Valley area someday!!!!!!

  • casusan

    This is just soooo beautiful Trey!

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  • Thanks all 🙂

    Gail – I’d love to visit the Bitter Root area someday!

  • Cool photo! Have you ever photographed the Columbia Gorge? There’s a lot of great photo ops there.

  • Thanks! Nope – I’ve never shot that, but I’d like to!

  • It is nice to have great photos in the library that you shared with your family. One of my favorite photos was taken while hiking with my wife and daughter. What fun.

  • Carlisle

    I’m indeed a by-passer.
    This is simply beautiful. Perfect Shot!

  • Thanks Mike and Carlisle 🙂

  • franielee

    Beautiful picture! Wish it had your lecture on the rocks too. It would not be wasted on me!

    thank you for the picture!

  • please email me of where this is…
    we are driving thru in a week. wanted to stop by some cool places.

  • Thanks! This is at the lake that has Bird Island in the middle… it’s a 1/4 jaunt down from the main road through a lot of brush… kinda hard to find methinks!

  • ashley deee

    i just moved from buffalo, ny to missoula, mt! i’m going to a photography school out here, and really a lot of your pictures from MT/WY inspired me to come here :]

  • Melanie

    I live in Idaho and we travel to Glacier 3 or 4 times a year. It is my all time favorite place to photograph. I recently discovered your site when listening to Leo Laporte while on the back of our bmw motorcycle – point and shoot in hand as I always have shooting as we go. The description of HDR fascinated me and I could not wait to get to Winthrop Wa to fire up the mini and go to your site – amazed is what I was. I bought Photomatix pro that very day and used it on the raws I shot with my Nikkon D40 on the North Cascades Highway – OMG – BEAUTIFUL. Have been hooked since and my trips to Glacier (including last weekend with lots of snow) did not disappoint. Of course now I need to get another camera that does autobraketing!

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