Grave Robber

Here is another location from within that amazing city of crypts in Argentina. I took so many shots in there that my shutter almost joined the derelict remains of this rather haunting locale.

I probably could have stayed here another few hours. I wanted to peek inside every crypt and root around inside for all sorts of treasure or +1 daggers. Even though my time there was too short, I still managed to grab a wild variety of shots that I am still enjoying and reviewing many weeks later. I simply can’t wait to get back to this spot some day!

Grave Robber

  • +1 Daggers you say… a fellow D&D gamer? I enjoy the geometry here, powerful shapes and lines are what I live for in photography and art in general.

  • i was here last year…there is one grave in the far corner where you can walk down the creepiest staircase and you are then under ground. the ceiling above you is some kind of glass. it went down one more stair case but it was dark with NO light and it smelled like death, so we beat it out there.

    going back again this jan. i love recoleta.

  • I love the Recoleta Cemetery! I have family buried there.

  • hehehe +1 daggers. d&d is great. as is this shot. I especially like the way you’ve brought out the detail in the stone. very nice

  • Whoa, Trey, I bet you got lots of neat photos there. Too creepy for me to actually visit, lol. Grave robbing, don’t know about that. I would be afraid the ghost of that person would haunt me forever, lol. Love the picture, amazing place!!

  • Alex Macnab

    Great shot. This reminds me of the above ground cemetaries in New Orleans. Due to the city being below sea level (as we were so sadly reminded of a few years back), all the graveyards are built “above ground” like this.

  • Ryan

    Great photo, but you scored the most points with me on the D&D throwback there. Very awesome! haha. Great newsletter too, keep up the outstanding work!

  • Matthew Gaston

    Great Photo Trey:)

    But there is one thing that I have seen in the past few pictures, that is there tends to be a lot noise in the sky but most people wouldn’t even notice.

    Sorry it was bugging me for some time now.

  • Awesome shot buddy, love the colors and contrast.

  • Like the colors in the picture Trey. Reminds me of my native town in India…. BTW, Do you have some captures from India especially Goa, Kerala? I guess it would suit the HDR style and there are some breathtaking sceneries.

  • casusan

    Love this shot Trey – colors are fantastic – looks like an interesting place to explore!

  • Thanks all.

    Matthew – I left the noise here on purpose… the grain did not bother me in this shot.

    Sathya – no – never been to Goa… I’d very much like to go there

  • Zim

    Nice… Next year I’ll be moving back to Buenos Aires, and I’ll have my SLR camera then (I hope). Looks like an interesting place to explore photography!

  • Misael

    Nice pic. I think you could find a Vorpal dagger there, who knows what the dead hold…???

    Lol, all kidding aside. If you like crypts and old, derelict locations and if you ever come back to Argentina give me a call, Im from Argentina and know a few interesting churches, cathedrals, crypts, and so on.

  • If you come back within the next year, let me know and we’ll do Buenos Aires tour part 2!

  • Recoleta is a fascinating place – was there in January 2009 for 2 mornings. I’m putting together a palladium print portfolio.

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