This Way to the Holy Ghost Revival

Here is one of those Texas roadside revivals that come straight out of the movies. I happened to get there around sunset, so there was nice dramatic lighting to complement the drama of the environs.

The place was totally empty. I got a little bit creeped out…and I felt like maybe I was being watched. I snapped a few quick shots and then made a hasty egress…

Also, if you are into ENTJ Firebrands, then you might enjoy the First Newsletter that just went out today! You can sign up for free on the Newsletter page… I hope you find some good stuff in there!

This Way to the Holy Ghost Revival (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Awesome. I like the subtle cross on the bottom left.

  • Those poles in the bottom left look like giant cigarettes!

  • that actually looks quite terrifying!
    also, that newsletter needs those envelopes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay, I LOVE this shot! You rule, Trey!

  • nice work Trey. Looks like a movie set, as you say.

  • Wow! Nice shot indeed!

  • Thanks yall! 🙂

  • Wow, makes us feel like we are about to take part in that revival!! Must have been a dry time of the year. Looks like our summers here. Your pictures always transport us to the spot where you take them, Trey!! Wonderful work. I haven’t attended the one they hold down the road from us every summer. Maybe I am missing out on something 😉 , lol. I can picture in my mind all those folks attending that meeting and standing with raised hands, just like in the movies!

  • P.S. I’m looking forward to looking at the first newsletter when I finish going through the news on My Yahoo home page. My usual morning routine.

  • casusan

    The newsletter is super great! Way to go!

  • Pearlie

    Love the newsletter! Already plurked the milky way timelapse

  • I’ve been watching your pictures from a few weeks ago. I love the colors you use and the lens. Places are simple but you give an artistic touch. I would do an interview for my site and your site in Deals speaking. Just one question how do you do to get that color? Did the editing?

    sorry my english is not very good

  • You found an awesome place! super random and I would probably feel the same way. Was the cross to the left already made, and not set up by yourself? Sometimes I think so much more random weird places are found in the USA vs Canada

  • Hi there. I am a lurker on your wonderful blog, I pop in from time to time and marvel….oh, and I do the same on flickr. You can see me as a kind of photo-stalker. Anyway just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your photography. k

  • Thanks all

    Jorge – I get those colors with the process described there on the right in the HDR Tutorial.

    Scott – Everything was like that except for the sign, which had blown over… I propped it back up before the shot.

  • JB

    I really like this shot. Strange, but quite remarkable.

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  • You know, it is interesting, when you posted this photo I was in the hospital after a surgery, on some crazy pain meds. I remembered just now that I had some really bizarre dream about this place, though I do not remember the details, I do remember that I was “in” the HDR as every person I looked at and every color I saw was in HDR, truly interesting, no more HDR before bed I guess….

  • God bless you

  • sheila lancaster

    we are an all gospel bluegrass group from cadiz kentucky (western ky) I ran across this picture on the internet looking for tent revival pictures to use on a CD cover for our group. I would like to know if I might could use this picture and put a picture of our group on it somewhere with someone that is preaching the gospel (maybe superimposed on it). I did not want to use it without permission. It is just like what I was looking for. Just let me know. You may visit out website at
    Thank you and God bless,
    Sheila Lancaster

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