Moonlight over Everest

If there is one thing that is almost as cool as being deep in the Himalayas, then it’s being at Disneyworld after dark near the Expedition Everest ride. This is probably one of my favorite rollercoasters, and I endeavored to stay here late one night to try to grab the moon in the right spot. The whole area is riddled with excellent little Buddhist offering temples, where you can submit fruits of offering in exchange for the blessing of not tossing your lunch right before the Yeti takes a swipe at your runaway train.

I also got a very nice Twitter message yesterday from a dad who was excited that his kids were getting him my Textures Tutorial for father’s day. I thought that was kind of cool and I was flattered! Of course, that means he’s going to have to use the techniques to make some memorable photos of his family… This is something that I always hear too… that I don’t take enough photos of the family, but I do I do! But I don’t think that the grandparents can ever be happy unless I have a webcam on them 24 hours a day like a non-stop grandchild Truman show.

Moonlight over Everest

  • thats interesting, feels like three different worlds have come togather for this photo, and brought to life with the HDR…… like a dream

  • Facebook User

    This is an amazing shot Trey! I don’t know how you do it but I sure hope one of these days I can do as well as you.

  • stunning colors and what a great gift idea for this dad!

  • Very nice work Trey.
    I wanna climb everything, dive into anything and pray giving thanks for it.

  • Hi Trey,

    Not sure what filter your using after the HDR treatment, but whatever it is it’s creating a weird mosaic effect, particularly around the moon?

    I know you often talk about the future of image display, i.e. huge screens etc so you might want to watch those artefacts. Could be more noticeable on a bigger display?

    Just a thought!

  • very well taken!

  • Trey,

    I love the colors.

    BTW, I’m the dad who is getting your textures tutorial for Father’s Day. Actually I need to rephrase that; I GOT the textures tutorial yesterday, my son insisted that I get it now since I already knew what the gift was.

  • Wow, love the colors in this photo, Trey!!! Disney World must be a fun place to go, even for grandparents!! And I know all about that wanting pictures when we live so far away from our grandkids. They grow up so fast!! Glad you are spending a lot of quality time(the new sayings these days) with your kids. Before you know it, they will be out on their own.

  • Thanks all! 🙂

    CJ – okay that is great! 🙂 hehe

    Matt – I will take a look at that – thanks for pointing it out…

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey….I didn’t even know this was at Disney!

  • WOW! So many kinds of awesome going on in this photo! The Moon, the mountain, the temple stuff in the foreground. And the colors! WOW!!

  • DisneyLAND? Dude, you know it’s Disney World. During the whole time I had an annual pass, I never took that Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom. I was always there with my camera gear and didn’t want to take a chance of tossing it out on a rollercoaster ride.

  • Holly

    This is an awesome pic! What time did you take this picture? The AK usally closes early how were you able to stay so late.

  • I really like how the mountain came out!

  • Thanks!

    William – DOH! You are right… Disney WORLD! 🙂 hehe

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