Green Fins in Austin

See how cool American cars used to be? And then they started getting designed by committees and focus groups and marketing experts… Did anyone see that Simpsons episode with Poochie the dog? I think about that episode a lot whenever I see a boring product flounder its way onto the scene.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with anything… other than just as a talking point when looking back at old American cars and how much personality they used to have. This was shot at a classic car show here in Austin, which is always a great place to take the tripod for some HDR goodness…

Green Fins in Austin

  • Ben

    Nice colours, I find that the background is a bit over exposed and ghosty, but I acknowledge the car being the main focus, which looks fantastic!

  • Facebook User

    Trey always look forward to your pics and posts, I will be in the Houston and Austin area for a couple of weeks. Please let me know of some some spots to take some photos and see some sights. Anything would be appreciated as I am not able to travel as much s I would like. Thanks for all the inspiration your photos and blogs have given. my face book is under [email protected] and have some HDR photos of the Southwest if you want to take a look. thanks again for any tips.

  • hi trey,
    i’ve noticed that in a few of your photos of crowd scenes (like the recent one in Dresden) you have made the people look ghosty. Do you do this by turning ghosting off in the initial photomatix stage, or later on in photoshop?

  • Great picture!! Back in the day when cars were styling!!! They are so boring now, lol. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!! I just had a special treat. My dog was barking, so I looked out the door and three deer were walking close to our east yard!! Thanks for sharing, Trey!

  • Dave

    Beautiful shot and car. Just remember though that these vehicles were designed to fall apart after 2 years. Which, as I recall, they did.

  • Thanks all!

    Sometimes I like the ghosting… whenever you see it in there, I do it on purpose because I like the sense of motion and activity over time… sometimes I will remove it if it is too distracting, like the way I just said “it if it” all at once.

  • that is really a CAR – and the green is really green – interesting angle

  • casusan

    Love this shot…and yes, the cars were much cooler then!

  • I think cars still have personality. Just different lines.

    Nice shot. Looks a bit over exposed though.

  • Hmm… Looks like Trey brought the Light Smoothing slider below the fourth radio button… 🙂

    One thing I love about these old cars, is that no matter how hard you try it always becomes a self portrait because you just cannot avoid the chrome!

  • Lia

    Personality is DEFINITELY lacking in our vehicles today. Our city condo garage cars are all silver, black, silver, black, token red, silver, black, token white. They all look the same. Lemmings. Or should I now say alewives (anyone who has lived/lives in Michigan can remember the great lakes beaches of the 80s covered in dead alewives).

  • Lemmings? I don’t think that’s the original paint job on the car in the photo Trey provided. Give me one of those lemming colored cars and I’ll make it look good in a photo.

  • Rich

    Great picture!
    P.S. There’s a little Trey in the chrome below the right tail light.

  • I am not sure if I like this one as much as your other work. It does not have the different “Trey Look”. It is very nice but looks like at lot of HDR out there and seem to be missing of your little personal touch. All that said; I can’t do anything like that and as always I am very much impressed with you work.

  • Lol, I shot this same car show in hdr as well. I’ve got a couple of shots from it up at Trey – are you in Austin? If so can you email me? [email protected].

  • hehe thanks all 🙂

    Michael – yes I am here in Austin… it’s my home base!

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