Hanging out with Altus in Austin

Today Altus, my good friend from Japan, came into Austin with his family. They crashed at my place and it gave us a chance to go out and do some shooting… I feel lucky to be able to go out and shoot with another great HDR photographer! I can add him to the collection! Here are some other greats I have shot with… and I’ll be sure to add Altus to the list soon.

After we went to a secret spot, we ended up at The Oasis on Lake Travis. Here is a shot of Altus leaning over one of the decks to get a shot using his famous fisheye. And here is one of his shots of his hometown of Tokyo.

Altus in Austin

  • That is a great shot! I love photos of photographers in action, and the view is stunning!

  • Lovely photograph with near perfect rule of thirds applied. The dynamic range is wicked: HDR that looks real yet dreamy. Well done!

  • Eleazar

    Cool angle. I’ve wondered how to capture a shot that tells the story of how nice the view is while eating tex mex.

  • How nice that your friend and his family were able to visit you, Trey. Nice photo of him taking a photo!!! What a lovely place. I checked out the post of your friends from around the world and those sure were nice photos also. And I had to save Altus’s flicker site in my favorites so I can look at them somedays when I have lots of time. Wow, over a thousand pictures to look at. I’m glad I get to see yours one at a time ;-)!!

  • Great photo Trey. I love the Oasis. Some of the best views on lake Travis!!

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Great Photo, It really draws you in.

    All the best


  • Facebook User

    Okay, this is one of my new “gotta live there someday” places. Beautiful! -Fenraven

  • casusan

    Great shot….lovely sunset….wish I was there!

  • Misael

    Great shots Trey! Ive been checking out your gallery and all I can say its “INSPIRING!”, It really makes me want to grab my D300 and try some HDR of my own!

    Your short and sweet reviews were also useful, but I wonder, would it be too much to ask if I asked to at least tell us what tripod legs you use and what bag/s do you carry your equipment ?

    It would really help me and thousands of others.

    Thank you very much!

  • BeachsidePaul

    @Misaqel … kinda hard to find now but Trey posted his equipment here http://www.stuckincustoms.com/camera-equipment/ some time ago. Good luck, his budget is a bit higher ummmm well about 4 or 5 zeros higher than mine LOL … enjoy, Paul

  • Rad. His fisheye work is inspiring. My fisheye is coming out this weekend!

  • Misael

    @Paul. Thanks! I had already seen that, but I could never have assumed that Trey used a 130 bucks set of legs! Now that I think about it, it makes sense though, Ive used Manfrottos before and they can hold quite a bit more than their rated capacity.

    Now I only need to know what bag, or bags, he uses to carry all his stuff and ill be a happy man.

    PS: Dead on on the budget comment my friend, DEAD on… T_T

    PS2: Do you have a site or Flickr where I can see your pics?

  • Thanks everyone!

    About the tripod and head – I am working on testing a whole new setup and will try to get a review up at some point! 🙂

  • Misael

    Dont forget about the bags. =)

    By the way, how would you rate the 190XB legs? I dont pretend a full review, just a few words would do.

    Thanks Trey!

  • @Misael, my partner and I *just* started a gallery, be gentle, we’re learning. galleries.lightdynamicsphoto.com Regarding Trey’s tripod, it was Trey’s writing that opened my eyes, any tripod is better than none and yesterday I broke down and ordered a monopod for those times the photo police wouldn’t let me use my tripod. Monopod cost more than my tripod LOL … Trey, can’t wait to read your review, it’s time for me to start saving for a new tripod (please, nothing to the wife yet, she’s still reeling from a $200 monopod) I’m also very interested in what bag(s) you use. Thanks, Paul

  • Cool!

    I like the legs on my tripod a lot…

    Paul – Glad to hear you are expanding your hobby to dangerous proportions! 🙂

  • Misael

    @Paul. Just bookmarked it. I glanced it and saw some very interesting pictures! It reminds me of how I should have made a gallery for myself years ago…im kind of the forgetful type…Ill get to it soon.

    I hope treys bags dont cost a lot, for the sake of the wife 😛

    @Trey. Thanks! Short and sweet just like you use to.

    PS: Im having a little problem in the HDR procces, I left a comment on the tutorial page.

    Thanks everyone.

  • Russell

    Hi, Looked at all your work for sometime now & all of your work is outstanding.
    I would like to ask you how do you get the people that are walking not to be OOF, if you have 3 or more shots of the scene for HDR.
    Many Thanks

  • Russell

    OK I found it.

  • been on that deck and the view is SPECATCULAR! what a great shot! man I would love to shoot with you guys!

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