A Night Out in Germany

This is something so many European cities seem to have… a nice cobblestoned area in an old part of the city where people just mill around from wine to dinner to gelato to aimless wandering about. I think these areas are always full of life and excellent for people-watching. Often times, this is why I don’t mind being by myself in these foreign places… it’s very nice to sit back and just analyze people as they come and go.

This was shot in the middle of Dresden when there was just a few degrees of sunlight left behind the old church. Once things get too black in the sky, I usually pack up the tripod and then head to the best looking gelato place I had surveyed earlier in the day.

Thanks again for all the feedback on the newsletter yesterday! We should get all of this cleaned up and ready for the first release sometime within the next two weeks or so… I hope your expectations aren’t TOO high… although I’ll do my best of course. Right now I think we’ll have links to two new reviews that the newsletter crowd can check out for a few days before they are publicly linked.

A Night Out in Germany

  • And once again you want me to buy a wide angle lens! Love it! I hope you will come over to germany more often and visit the places I live at 😉

  • Mike

    Hi trey,

    Another beautiful Wideangle shot, i love these shots that you take in European capital cities, you haven’t had your D3x that long so this must have been a recent visit to Germany, when are you coming back to France?????????
    Maybe in future, when you visit these cities you can add an extra day to your trips to do a workshop for those wanting to meet their “HDR Guru” – another way to pay for the return airfare too!!!!!

    All the best


  • Neat picture, Trey. Sounds like a fun evening spent people watching in a foreign city. Thanks for taking me to places I wouldn’t otherwise see!!!

  • Great shot, but since you have created yet another photography and HDR junkie in me (just bought my first DSLR due to you) I have to ask. I assume that you used multi exposures which is why you still have a little ghosting in the people, the same way that you worked on the Times Sqaure shot in the turtorial, but how did you get that very subtle radiance in the sky that eminates from the building?

    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the newsletter (I didn’t have a chance to post but I would have choosen #2 also)


  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – again…wish I was there!

  • Thanks all!

    Russ – Glad you are a convert! Sometimes I leave the ghosting in when I want to leave a sense of “action”, walking, motion, activity, etc etc. In the times square one, I liked the idea of people standing still and gawking about.

    Mike – I may be back in France by the end of the year – we’ll see! 🙂

  • Great light effects. It is nice to see the church done, last time I was in Dresden it was still being rebuilt.

  • James Blackwood

    I am a Brit currently living in Hamburg. I have been in Germany for a year and took up photography in an attempt to conquer boredom. Since then I have fallen for the art of HDR. If you happen to be in Hamburg or Bremen over the next month Id love to meet up and see your work in action and see if I can learn some more tricks.

    My flickr photostream is: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

  • Hi Trey,

    One of the gems.

    Easily one of the best picks of your best picks 😉

    I enjoy looking at your pictures.

    Man you are awesome


  • Pete

    Very nice indeed! How long was the exposure?

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