The Treasured Shrine and… a Newsletter Choice!

Angkor Wat was built to honor the god Vishnu and his shrines fill many of the hallways and crossroads within the temple complex.  This was shot in the inner part of the temple, where the walls came together to form a quincunx.  The symmetry of this place was wonderful, as you can tell, so it was a real joy to move around and get a bunch of compositions that made good mathematical sense.  This is something I think about a lot when I shoot…  taking the entropy of the world and reducing it something that is mathematically idealized inside of the frame dimensions.

In other news, we have two Stuck in Customs Newsletter (sign up here – it’s free) styles for you to choose from!  We have Choice 1 and Choice 2.  Which do you like better?  I’m curious to know your thoughts…

The Treasured Shrine

  • Facebook User

    Very cool. This one really draws me in! Great work Trey!

  • I like the top of Choice 2, but the content of Choice 1. I realize that isn’t a choice so if I had to choose between either of the two flat out, I would pick Choice 1 because I like the content section better.

  • You know I like your work! But this one seems a bit blown out at the top right corner… As for the newsletter, Choice 2 for me.

  • Choice 2. And I love the idea of being perhaps a bit retro with a newsletter, in these days of RSS(which is how I see your blog posts) and Twitter it’s nice to slow down a bit a read something that has been handcrafted – choice 2 reflects that handcraftedness and will also result in me actually opening the email rather than read it in my outlook preview window. Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Choice 2 for me .

    All the best


  • Going against the flow. I like choice one the best. The envelopes make the difference for me.

  • nice shot – i like the way the shrine seems to glow.
    out of the newsletters, choice 2 is probably the best: better title font and nice lined paper bit, i’d replace the stamp with something 2d, like the envelopes from choice 1. Is there anyway of changing the fonts so that they’re more like the ones you use on your blog. Your blog fonts are somehow quite memorable, they have a special look about them. Yet I can’t help but feel that those newsletter fonts are a bit pixelated, and computery, and don’t really have the same, elegant feel, that the ones from the stuckincustoms site do. Maybe its just the colour scheme?
    If i really had to choose, then choice 2 – it looks busy, the other one is a bit plain.

  • Finally, an area I have expertise in. If you’re going to go with option #2, fix the font so the lines don’t go through the words. I like the color of the background in #1 with the notebook paper insert from #2.

    Honestly Trey, this is what I do for a living, help people build lists and monetize them (not that you’re trying to do that but you’d be crazy silly not to ;)). I’ve helped build personal lists into the hundreds of thousands. I’d let your readers give some input, but then just make a decision. You already provide great content and your layouts always flow well and are appealing.

    Just my .02 and both pennies. 🙂


    PS Newsletters are so far from being retro you just don’t know. I actually pay almost $500 for various newsletters that arrive via my REGULAR mailbox. Crazy I know, but personal touches like you’re creating go far in this day of being almost too high tech/high touch.

  • just noticed – is that graffiti in angkor wat!?

  • And I meant to say my .02 is worth both pennies. This is what happens when you’ve been up 30+ hours….lol

  • I prefer choice #1.

  • Dan

    I’d prefer choice #2. Trey, Great shot once again!

  • i like one. i like this photo, alot.

  • Jack Cline

    Prefer Choice 2 – mroe dramatic.

  • choice 2 Trey

  • I like #2. It carries over the theme of the blog

  • I like #2 because of the notebook paper.

  • Nice photo. I like the symmetry. I can almost feel the coolness of the stone. I like the way it’s been weathered and is slightly eroded. It will stand for ages yet, I hope.
    As for the newsletter, I like choice no. 1 but no. 2 is okay too.

  • fiddlergene

    Great HDR work, too bad it’s lopsided, ruins the symmetry. Looks to me like the whole photo is going to slide off the left side of the frame. Could have been fixed in a heartbeat in Lightroom or ACR.

  • #2 is the bomb….

  • Go with 2!

  • Kennett

    I like the look of the first one best, but i like the little blurb section on the top right of the second one. It’s good for getting our attention with little blurbs.

  • I like the second choice. it has a nice style, and is easier to read (which is the point, right?)

  • seems like most like choice #2, and i’m no different, 2 all the way

  • I like choice #1. I guess it’s the symmetry of it. Soem like symmetry, some find it confining. I find it comforting. Number one for me.

  • Hi Trey, great photo. I don’t see it being lopsided at all, maybe I am, lol. It’s quite balanced, I think. Makes you feel like you could walk right into the picture. I like choice 2 for the newsletter. The background blends in with the writing instead of being sharply separate. I’m looking forward to whatever you decide to send!!!!!

  • Brad Truxell

    I like choice 1. It seems to go with the theme of the website more… it is cleaner looking. Can’t wait for the first one!

  • Numero 2.

  • Chad


  • bob


  • Hi Trey,

    Choice 2 for me…


  • Anthony

    Choice #2

  • Gale

    I agree with #2 – the top of choice 2 and the content section of choice 1. But of these two I think choice 1 is best.

  • I like choice 1.

  • Jordan

    I definitly agree with jeremy on this one.
    Top header, and background colour of Choice 2 with the content of choice 1.
    Is that at all possible?

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey – it does draw you right in! I like #2 – but I do like those envelopes in #1!

  • john

    number 1 is easier on the eyes, it has more black lines and it really seems to have more depth, I like darker earth tones and black lines as a personal preference so perhaps I’m biased.

  • Thanks for taking the time to look at the two options. I appreciate it.

    Looks like B is the winner so far… Too bad cause I kinda liked A! I think it was the envelopes that got me… anyway, B is probably what we’ll go with then… Mob rule!

  • LOVE the photo! That place looks so cool, peaceful, reflective, awesome. Great job!!

    Oh, and I agree with Terry (comment #8) above on the newsletter. 🙂

  • Choice 2 is better layout.


  • Neira

    I prefer choice 1, it seems easier to read 😉

  • #2 for sure!!

  • marc in calgary

    choice 1.

  • i prefer choice 2

  • Eric

    I think I’d stick with Choice 1 🙂

  • Hi Trey, I like choice 2, I think having that note highlighted on white, seems like it just came off your desk, and a little more personal..

  • Great photo, really nice composition. Choice 1.

  • jwinman

    I like choice 2… I like the notepaper.

  • Thanks all… good feedback – I like how you are really thinkin’ about it!

  • Trey, sorry man, I don’t like the look of the new website or either of the newsletters. The stained, smeared, watermarked looking graphics carry over to your photographs. It’s like a great picture in a bad frame. I think you deserve better.

  • casusan

    bah humbug! I don’t think the graphics take away from your photos at all!

  • Deb

    Great picture! I like choice 1 the best. Have a great day!

  • Len

    Choice 2

  • BrandonDev

    #2 all the way Trey

  • Eliz

    #2 – but fix the stamp it has the stock photo x on it still. Anway, #2 is warmer, more open. #1 seems too corporate.

    That’s my two cents. Ciao.

  • Raymond

    My 2cents… I like the Choice 2. The feel of the notebook paper is cool. Seems like it’d be a good place to put new, important info, as my eye easily went there first.

  • charleigh

    i prefer #2 too!

  • I prefer Choice 1. I can’t put my finger on it, but Choice 2 is irritating. The white page jumps out too much.

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