A Bit of Hibachi

This is a cool Japanese restaurant in the MGM Grand in Vegas called Shibuya. These hibachi tables can’t really be seen from the front, but they are worth a trip inside if you ever get the chance. As far as I know, approximately 100% of the population likes to see their food cooked in front of them with death-defying knife moves.

And that onion volcano trick is always a winner. The egg shell on the hat never gets old. Flipping the last bit of fried rice at the least suspecting person is another classic.

A Bit a Hibatchi

  • Before the next holiday season, I’d like to see a Trey Ratcliff book on the shelves. It would make the shopping so much easier.

  • Wow Trey, superb lighting!!! One of my favorites.

  • Facebook User

    Great photo Trey! Love the shadows in this one.

  • casusan

    Wow! Cool shot Trey – beautiful colors and lighting! And yea what about a book?

  • Hehe – thanks.

    Tom – Okay – I’ll see if Santa can help me with that one 🙂

  • MGM Grand huh? Have to check it out when I go back to vegas!!!!!! Hey you seen the flash site they have??? If that alone doesnt real you into their hotel I don’t know what will!

  • A place I’ve never been to, but looks fantastic. Love the ‘hot’ colours here, in fact the walls look as if they are still burning!

  • Nice picture again…. Can I assume that the place is empty because of recession 🙂

  • Great idea, Tom!!!! Please put me on your order list, Trey 😉 !! Nice photo, it’s always fun to watch your food being prepared. Have a great week!!

  • These places are awesome! Do they not also grab the soy sauce and call it ‘coca-cola’ as they spritz your food with it? lol. Maybe a little dark in the shadows for my taste, could just be the jpg compression.

  • This is stunning! The reflections are my favorite part.

  • The colors, lighting, and shadows are very cool! Add me as another who’d love a book!

  • Thanks all… hehe now don’t get so excited y’all… where is this groundswell a’comin’ from anyway?

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