Fly Fishing Behind the Ranch

There is a perfect stream here on the edge of Montana that backs onto a ranch where I have stayed a few times. At night, you can hear the stream rushing by while you sleep. Sometimes, in the morning, you can see a bit of steam coming off it as the air adjusts. In the middle of the day, the fish are biting and there isn’t another fisherman for miles.

It looks like it might be easy to cross, but, believe me — it isn’t. There’s a few deep pockets in there that you won’t find until you’re one step too late. I’ll never forget the time my chest waders started filling up with cold river water. Once a little bit starts, it’s a slippery slope!

I also ended up doing a bit of tubing down this river too… which I’m sure was completely confusing to the fish underneath.

The River Behind the Ranch

  • I have always wanted to visit Montana, I had the opportunity when I was about 13, but like any foolish child the amusement park sounded way cooler… I love the blue skies!

  • Laura

    I have been following your postings daily for some time now. I enjoy all your work but especially the shots like this. Your work is an inspiration to me as well as a source of pure enjoyment. Thank you so much for sharing the worlds beauty through your eyes and I also want to thank you for the HDR tutorial.

  • Beautiful photo, Trey!!!! The mountains in the background are similar to what we see when we look either East or West from our house!! We are fairly close to the Bitter Root River, which you wouldn’t dare go in right now. Close to flooding in some areas, it’s that time of year. Hope you caught some fish while you were there. Montana is truely the “Last Best Place” to visit 😉 . I’m a little prejudice though. Every place on this earth has it’s own beauty. But there sure is a lot of it in this huge state with the big skies. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

  • franielee

    Absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of home.

  • marc in calgary

    “There is a perfect stream…” ? or a few thousand perfect streams to test ones self against a pea brained trout, ja! good luck with that! It truly is, “the last best place”

    just don’t tell anyone… it can be our secret.

  • casusan

    Wow! This is gorgeous Trey – the sky is fantastic! This looks more like a river than a stream….but then I am a city girl!

  • Very nice Trey! Question: I know you do a lot of mask work in your post processing. Did you mask the stream and then paint it back in from a single image to avoid it looking messy from the HDR processing? Looks great.

  • Hello Trey, I love what you did for the sky. It is gorgeous.

  • Bonsoir,
    beautiful composition..Well done post-processing..bravo!

  • Facebook User

    Absolutely stunning Trey! Love the look of the sky and the colors in this one. As always, keep up the great work and you are a great inspiration to me.

  • Thanks all. Some of these photos are nice to look at time and again, because I forget how pretty it is there.

    Steve – I do that sometimes, but not here. Often the HDR process can make a stream look very nice.

    Nathalie – thanks! Well I can’t take much credit – it was a great sky that day!

  • Ok, now this one is my favorite. I love the gentle blues with the refreshing greens!

  • I just love this photo! What ranch is it at?

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