The Hollywood Tower Hotel

I tried to give this one a very Twilight Zone feel to it. The whole ride at Disney World is filled with Rod Serlingesque treatments, so I thought it would be a fitting adjustment.

This ride is pretty freaky, and I totally recommend it!

The Hollywood Tower Hotel

  • I like the processing here Trey. I was beginning to think you werent going to upload today. Glad you did, as always.

  • I love it! Great mood

  • lizzyshoe

    I love this. It has the old-timey feel while still being very HQ.

  • WOW…what a blog, it sure is one of the best HDR blogs I have seen in a long time.

  • Matthew Gaston

    Okay now I know you used a texture haha

    Great photo trey love your work so much.

  • Nice work! I love the texture and the vignetting.

  • Whooooo, what a spooky looking establishment, WTG, Trey!!! You used the right touch to show off this ride. It does look like it’s out of the Twilight Zone. I watched that show for years and still watch the reruns, lol. That was back in my era long ago 😉 . Thanks for sharing another great photo!!!

  • Tim

    I love the effects. Great shot. I’m just not sure if the palm trees fit in to the whole “spooky” thing.
    Very cool.

  • Awesome texture, like the way you desaturated it. Great photo as usual Trey!!

  • Thanks everyone! 🙂

  • T

    Awsome picture but the ride scared the crap out of me!!

  • Holly

    Tray this is Awesome!!! I love looking at your pics! Plus the Tower is one of my favorite rides!!! Even after all these years its still a scream! 🙂

  • Holly

    I apoligize for the misspelling on your name! So sorry! I knew it was wrong and forgot to edit it. Dang it!

  • I just went to cali adventure a few months ago and this was my fav ride. the whole twilight thing was trippy!

  • casusan

    Wonderful Trey – like the feel of this one!

  • cool photo

  • i just love it, the texture, the look, the old fashin style :).
    Great work!!!

  • Rob

    Hey, I have been following your website for quite sometime now. Your reviews and tutorials have been very helpful to me. I was wondering if you would consider writing a tutorial on some of the camera settings you often shoot at. Or as an alternative, include some of the EXIF data for your shots. Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

  • Thanks all!

    Holly – don’t worry about it… I don’t take offense to such trifle things.

    Rob – Thanks for the note. I don’t have time to write details on each and every shot, I’m afraid. However, if you click on the photo, you can often see the EXIF on the FLickr page — click over there on the right by “More Properties” or something like that.

  • Rob

    Thanks for the tip

  • Jeannie

    Great photo,and the palm trees add just the right touch.Throw in that its in B&W,that makes it perfect.

  • Facebook User

    Amazing photo Trey! I love the texture in this photo and the overall look and feel its fantastic. This photo really does belong in a Twilight Zone episode. It makes me want to go back to Disney World again and it also makes me really want your texture package and tutorial! Maybe after the next payday…

  • Trey, is this a texture from your tutorial? You really brought out the mood in this shot, well done.

  • Thanks all! yes – a texture on here for sure! 🙂

  • I am a HUGE Twilight Zone fan and was there the first year it was opened. I was really impressed by all the trinkets from the show, and all the details they put into the attraction! I think I rode it a dozen times that day. (I was in heaven) I knew when the flash was coming (for the picture) but I was never able to “pose” and get a jump on it!! Your picture is also a tribute to the black & white episodes, too! Rod Serling would be pleased.

  • Very good processing! I love it!

  • LOVELY shot.

    Is this all done on photomatrix software or is the texture and colour work done on something else like photoshop?

  • Sara

    Hey i love the Tower of Terror. It was so much fun i rode it 5 more times. I just love the adrenaline rush when you go down. And when it opens you feel like your gonna fall of or something. What a ride.

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