The Fed Ex Forum Awaiting the New Season

I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Memphis Grizzlies home stadium when there was hardly anyone around. The Fed-Ex Forum is an amazing facility. I think it looks like a great place to go watch games. The surrounding downtown area is also very cool… seems like it would be a great way to spend a night out. I’ve never been in Memphis on game night, but I’ll be sure to make that happen some time!

Also I got to go back in the locker room and meet some of the players. The guys were so nice and affable… I couldn’t get over it. I don’t know what I expected, but they were just all really young nice dudes. And then I saw this little underwater rehab/training facility. It was really wide and had this conveyor belt that ran under water. I asked why it was so wide and was told it was originally used for horse rehab! Crazy…hehe…

Memphis finally got a good pick in the draft… #2! That’s great for those guys… go Grizzlies! 🙂

The Fed Ex Forum Awaiting the New Season

  • You have really stunning images, and your HDR is really amazing.
    Having the possibility to get into off-limit sites like this (or been invited to) must be really good.

    Keep it up Trey.

    Regards from Sweden

  • Great shot. Buildings likes these are the best for HDR in my oppinion.

  • Facebook User

    wow – how many exposures did you take for this amazing shot?

  • Danne – Thanks! Yes – I feel very lucky for the chance and I was thankful.

    For this shot, anonymous facebook user, I used 5 exposures on the D3X — +2 to -2 with steps of 1

  • On the D3x, Trey, are you able to autbracket for five images at once? On my 5D, I only can bracket three shots at a time. It is quite inconvenient.

  • This is one of my favs so far, looks so futuristic. Another cracking treatment Trey

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Brilliant Photo, as dod says it has a real futurisic look, almost like being inside a spaceship.

    All the best


  • Awesome picture, Trey! The blown out lights are somewhat distracting though (I feel myself almost shutting my eyes), but I guess this is how it looks when you’re standing there.

  • Great photo, Trey. Bet it would be nice to go to a game there. Neat that you got to meet some of the team. Our U of M football team are called Grizzlies, also. So go go go, Griz, lol. Danne in Sweden, if you ever meet my brother, Father Timothy Stayton, a Swedish Lutheran Priest in Elkistuna, give him a hug from his sis 😉 . Thanks again for sharing, Trey. Have fun on your adventures!!!! But stay away from Honduras, they just had a 7.1 earthquake, yikes!!!!!!

  • Kennett

    You should line up a photo shoot at the new Cowboys Stadium up here in Arlington. It’s a real site to see.

  • little crooked to the right?

  • I agree with Kennett! The new Texas Stadium would be awesome!!

  • Great photo.
    When I first saw it, I thought it was a video game screenshot or something like it. To me, it lacks realism, but in a good way.
    I can see the works of NoiseWare up in the ceiling; What software did you use this time?

  • This has a very gritty feel to it (in a good way). I can see the team using it as an ad – with one of the players in the foreground looking tough and menacing.

  • Thanks all!

    Matthew – Yes the D3X does up to 9 in autobracketing

    Kennett and Dale – Yes! I’m a huge Cowboy fan.. I hope they invite me up there to shoot that new stadium.

    Ryan – Yes a little !! I’ll fix that later… 🙁

    Cate – I could see that too… that would be a cool treatment.

  • casusan

    Super shot Trey!

  • Great as always! Love the lights.

  • I love the details in the rafters. Are you at a point now that you’re being asked to photograph venues? I know you said you were on tour but I wonder if this is the case. It’s an outstanding photo and I’m starting to wonder how you carry your tripod everywhere?

  • Wow!!!! the detail is incredible!!

  • Great shot! Love the effect!

  • Patrick

    You should go to the Forum when the University of Memphis is playing. It’s rocking on those nights. When the Grizzlies play….eh, not so much.

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  • Donald

    Trey, Great pic as always! I live in Memphis, so I can tell you it is great place to go see a game. It is one of the top NBA arenas. The adjoining Beale Street area is crazy afterwards. Go Grizzlies! We just won our first playoff game in the history of the franchise so we are really excited! If you are ever in Memphis again I would love to meet you and discuss photography. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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