A cool waterfall to relax at during the hike, and a new Newsletter!

During the hike through the Andes, I would vacillate between sweating hot and frigid cold. Sometimes, things would be just about perfect and an idyllic waterfall like this one would emerge from the Eden-like trail. It was the perfect place to take a load off in the cool water for a break.

Well, there was enough negative feedback yesterday that I have decided to remove the ads. There were little ads that would appear whenever you “mouse over’ the photo. But some people found them annoying, and I have taken them off. The rates seemed to be better than google adwords and they were projected to bring in several hundred per month. But, alas, it’s not worth making the site ugly or upsetting the readers.

We do have a new Newsletter! I invite you to sign up for it. It’s free and should be something fun for your inbox.

Here is what we are aiming for the newsletter to contain.

  • Any upcoming news, events, or plans about Stuck In Customs, so you can be the FIRST to know!
  • A collection of fun links that I find/post on Twitter, neat finds, and other things to inspire you.
  • Advanced secret links to upcoming reviews so you can be the first to see and provide feedback! !! This is a cool one, eh?
  • A review of the latest, most interesting photos.
  • A nice, compact, beautiful email that you can share with your family and friends. These are just the sort of pretty emails that can make you popular in your email circle o’ friends.

A cool waterfall to relax at during the hike, and a new Newsletter! (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Great perspective Trey. I especially love the colors in the water in the foreground. Nice job!

  • Thanks Matthew! Yes I could hardly figure out where to crop this one… every crop looked cool!

  • That is so cool! It looks so awesome and a great place.

  • Excellent as always.

  • a beautiful capture!

  • ;-0 Awwwwsome picture, Trey. This is my very favorite of all the pictures you have shared 🙂 !! I love to look at waterfalls, any size will do. Have you seen them at Glacier?? I’ve only seen the falls visible from “Going To The Sun” road, which is almost open now. Michigan is full of wonderful falls, also. Too bad about the ads. I’m so sorry you got so many negative feedbacks. I’m looking forward to the Newsletter!!!! Thanks, you keep giving us more to look forward to. I’m enjoying chatting with your Mom on facebook!! We have a few things in common. Pretty neat.
    Have a good Memorial Day, everyone. Remembering the sacrifices of the men and women that serve to keep us free is so important. And honoring those who gave that ultament sacrifice is what’s this day is all about. So fly your flags proudly this day(for us in the U.S.)

  • Rod

    Beautiful shot and great coloring.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Gail – that is great – happy you are gettin’ to know my mom hehe.

  • Trey,

    Wonderful waterfall. Are moving objects like water done with 3-5 exposers or do you make a psudo HDR with one great shot? Are you planning on speaking in the austin area any time soon?

  • Great photo Trey. What ND filter did you use for that shot?

  • Jacques

    Beautiful! Love that log. Looks like some massive wood beasty, rhino creature!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is so beautiful Trey!

  • Thanks all!

    Eleazar – This was a 5-exp HDR. The process tends to blur the water pretty well on its own. I will be speaking in Austin at some point here… I’ll be sure to update the website/newsletter before it happens.

  • Gorgeous photo! What an enticing place to sit down and enjoy a picnic!

  • Jeannie

    Great place to swim

  • Mike


    Have you considered a series of workshops or training classes in the future. I’d be willing to travel and be one of the first to sign up for your workshops!

  • Thanks!

    Mike – many people have asked this. I have been too busy to plan such a thing. I have a few loose ideas…. but nothing solid yet!

  • Beautiful photo Trey. Great colors, texture and composition.

  • Ed

    Trey – I concur with Mike. The training would be a great idea and I would be willing to pay for such a course as I know others would as well. Many of us can produce a decent HDR photo however going from decent to astonishingly mind blowing is another huge learning curve. Especially when you start getting into photoshop masking and layers etc. Perhaps you are somewhat protective of your techniques? Even seeing a video of how you have produced some of your great work would be exciting.

  • Hi Trey, been lurking around here now and then, to drool over the photos and pick up some pointers. Great work! Looking forward to the newsletters.

  • LOve the colours and the movement!!!

  • Trey, what’s the exif info on this photo? I’m taking our scouts to Havasupi in the Grand Canyon this summer. has some sensational waterfalls. I’d love some slow-shutter speed shots like this one.


  • Thanks all!

    Paul – if you zoom in on the flickr – the exif data is there for you to see

  • Trey, again – I am embarassed by my lack of photographerness… I can not believe how amazing this is. This is probably one of my top 5 favorite photographs of all time, of anyone… If it weren’t in HDR, then it would just be an ok pict. but your HDR genioussss is just that genieeeuous.. When I grow up, I wanna be like Trey. Or have at least 1 photo that gets kudos like his… Hes my heeeerooo..

  • great picture with very nice colours! Is this perhaps an hdr?
    kind regards

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