It’s Summertime for Little Girls, and are the new ads too annoying for ya?

I don’t think I realized a big difference in clothes and seasons for little girls until I had one of my own. Every single outfit choice is as dramatic as the final night of American Idol. The histrionics that ensue is the selection of shoes could be stage play of epic proportions. But, once the outfit is complete, then it’s time for summer.

Now, some of you may notice (and have noticed) that I am experimenting with new ads on the site. I will leave them up for 24 more hours and see what your feedback is like. If you find them very annoying, I’ll take them down. Feel free to give me frank comments down here below. The site gets between 300K and 350K visitors per month, and the only ad hitherto has been the banner on the right for B&H Photo, who sponsor the site. So, anyway, I value your regular readership, and I have no wish to annoy you! Lemme know… thanks!

It's Summertime for Little Girls (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Great shot Trey. It says a lot even with such minimal subject matter.

    In my oppinion the ads will not deter me from viewing your site every night. You do what you have to do. Keep up the great images and reviews, thats all I care about.

  • Facebook User

    Nice shot Trey! Really like the colors in this photo. As for the ads I could careless. They will not stop me from visiting your site daily and checking in on the new photos that you post. They really are not that intrusive.

  • Rod

    They are a bit.

  • That is such a cool photo! Would be a great ad for those boots. So who’s holding her and how high up was she? haha

    I don’t mind the ads at all, anything to help you run this site and keep it free and awesome for us!

  • Hehe thanks…

    Well that is my wife holding her hand while she was up there… I’ve lost the award for “Dad of the Year” a long time ago, but I am barely smart enough not to let her stand up there on her own…hehe

  • Hi Trey,

    Nice shot as usual even if that one is really different ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the ads, Everything look nice to me. I guess as long as you don’t put popup, flash and blinking banners, that should be good.

  • i agree with BobCaTT on the ads.
    The photo is great.

  • The ads as they are right now are not annoying or distracting! You deserve the views and the ability to earn what you can!! Love the site! Very inspiring!!

  • I don’t mind the ads

    Great picture as usual !

  • I think that you should use ads from companies that you know and like, or at least something vaguely relevant. I think the format/location of the ads is fine though.

  • “1 carat solitaire Rings starting at 1 dollar”
    Haha that’s a nice ad ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, they are not disturbing at all.

  • Had to look thrice to find the ad. Guess it’s not disturbing at all! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Nice shot!

  • very nice composition!

  • Mark H

    Great shot, can’t wait to see what summer will bring.
    Maybe I’ve learned to tone the ads out or something because I don’t find them annoying at all.
    This site is a great service and even if they were annoying it’s a small price to pay!

  • Hey Trey ๐Ÿ™‚

    My initial reaction was one of being slightly annoyed, but that went away quick. You are quite the entrepreneur and I quickly thought of how unique and unobtrusive they seemed. A unique add for a unique site! As always, a daily read ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I visit your site every day and love every image. The ads are not a problem for me.

  • Stephan

    I read the RSS-feed so I normaly do not see any adds.

  • Bill

    Amazing shot Trey.
    Don’t remove the ads from your site.
    You travel a lot, you need equipment, you have to pay the server ++++.

  • J Mann

    Good photos, bad ad placement.

    The “movement” seen when the ad rises from the bottom of the photo is what bothers me. A stationary ad below each picture wouldn’t bother me.

  • Jess Hughes

    Very cute photo. Love the boots.

    I do find the ads quite distracting. Placing them on the image takes away from the art. I also find that they annoy me so much that I don’t actually read what they say (just enough to realize they’re ads), so that seems fairly ineffective. If you’re determined to have ads, I’d probably suggest restricting them to the right-hand column or, if you deem it necessary, just above or below the photo (but keep it immobile if that’s the case… let your readers concentrate on the art).

  • Nathan White

    Trey, I have to say, I think the ads are awful, it kind of gives your site a cheap feel when I see them. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for ads, but not blatant ones across your photos. It just does not seem appropriate on this site.



  • Great colors. I have this flagged on my home page and frequently wind up going straight to the Flickr site so I can see the original, thus bypassing this site and the ads, but depriving you of your hits. Decisions, decisions. If the ads were somehow relevant I don’t think I would mind them nearly as much as ads for get rich overnight schemes. I think that scammish sort of ad is what cheapens it, but I don’t know how much control you have there.

  • Mike

    The ads are fine as they are. Unobtrusive, if they really bother people that much they’ll just have to be more careful about their mouse-placement. It’s not free for you to do this, but it’s free for the world to enjoy the work you put up everyday. You should be compensated (or at least break even..server costs, travel costs, equipment costs, etc). If people have a huge problem, they can go find another FREE daily updated site. Good grief people, stop complaining! It’s FREE and it’s world-class!

  • Trey, great picture. You have that right, little girls are very particular about what they wear. They are hard to please until they have to buy their own clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰ . And I’ll say the same thing I did yesterday. The ads don’t bother me one bit, as you don’t see them unless you put your cursor on the picture. You have to support what you do to present these wonderful pictures to us. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

  • tom

    I don’t mind the idea of more ads, but the movement of the ads is very distracting and having them on the picture takes away from your great shots. I would displaying the ads differently, and a second less important suggestion would be to get ads related to photography or at least not get rich quick schemes (kind of tacky). Love your photos though.

  • Great photo Trey! The ads don’t bother me. I rarely hover over the photos, unless I want to look at the ginormous size on your Flickr account.


  • Trey’s gotta pay for costs somehow, right?

    My only complaint is the nature of the ads. It’s kind of weird to read about your interesting trips around the world, backpacking in the Patagonia, sunset trips through Dresden, and then mouse over a picture to be advertised to about a get-rich scheme.

    I have a feeling your readership is fairly intellectual =D.

  • Leslie

    Awww. This photo couldn’t be any more adorable. Love it.

  • The ads don’t bother me

  • Hi Trey, keep up the great work. Ads are fine. Discreet.

  • Thanks for the great feedback all.

    Note that I don’t choose the ads.. hehe… it is a service that picks them. Who knows how they chose which ad to show? I don’t. Anyway – i am still checking all the feedback and reading your comments closely. Thanks for the frank feedback, as always.

  • Trey,
    As always, great picture! Love the colors and the framing. Keep up the great work. Your site and humility are an inspiration.
    I am fine with the adds, but did have some input since you are requesting it. As a frequent mobile visitor to your site via iphone it is frustratingly slow to load your site when trying to enjoy a new posture from twitter, or just by going to your site. Your background images at 1400+ pixels across and 400KB+ take a long to load. Is there any way you could either make them smaller, or offer a mobile css with no background images? Just a thought. I will still come and check back often for your latest masterpiece, but a faster load time would be much appreciated. Keep on pushing the envelope;-)

  • the picture is great ! very nice colors and framing.

    as for the ads, the only thing that bothers me is that they are animated. try putting something static below every photo. that won’t bother anyone i think.

  • Dunno on the ads. I mean, they’re not bad and you don’t see them in the RSS feed (how I usually review), so they don’t really bother me. The action reminds me of some of the sleazier video sites & players, though – not sure if you’d want that cognitive association with your family-friendly site?

    Just a thought. Maybe it says more about me than I wanted. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • WJ Wheaton

    I enjoy both your site and B&H. As long as the site isn’t dictated by the ads, go for it!

  • Gary

    No problem with the ads as long as they don’t interfere with admiring your awesome pics.

  • Ed

    Nice change of pace there. I was getting use of the landscape, building, machine shots then you hit me with a jab with this pic. Amazing as always. And what ad are you speaking of? i dont see any lol

  • Steve

    It is not the fact that you have ads that bothers me; you have every right to make money from your site. Rather it is the placement of the ads, I find them extremely annoying.

  • I love this picture. Great capture of the outfit, my little girl is all about style, for every season. The ads are no issue, just as long as they don’t start to over power the site, which they do not. Also, I love B&H, so it is annoyance to me!

  • Sorry I meant NO annoyance to me!!

  • I don’t really mind the ads ;), the first time i saw them i did get a doomsday-scenario about them taking over the site though =p
    More relevant ones do seem better though

    Great picture as always!



  • I am all for ads on a site. I can’t say that I am annoyed but I didn’t notice any relevance to the photo. *shrug. I wonder if there is a better ad option to use here. I am so amazed at the traffic you get here. I am working on gaining the traffic you do! I know it takes time.

    Hope you figure out the add possibilities – perhaps more travel from them!

  • Thanks everyone.

    It looks like there are a lot of votes on both sides. I see the ads are very annoying to some people… that is no good. I purposefully did not say that ads are actually initiated on a user’s mouseover (when they move their mouse OVER the pic). I didn’t say because I figured that some people would not figure that out, and just think the ads “popup” in an annoying way on their own.

  • charles

    truly wonderfull picture!! Love it in its simplicity

  • David

    Great website and superb photos.
    Very cheesy ads.

  • I’d be more concerned about the content of the ads than the format. They all seem to be of a trashy-looking “make money fast” variety. Not really targeted to your readership is it? If they were about e.g. photography, travel that would be different.

  • With my opinion Im 100% with Robert Lowe. Advertisements are no Problem but don’t let this trash ON your beautiful pics!!!

    New Pictures are really cool!!

  • Trey, love the pic (no surprise). The ads don’t really bother me, I don’t usually roll over the pics and with a 24″ monitor, I don’t really have a problem with them fitting. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, it took me a bit to figure out what ads you were referring to, then I rolled over the shot and there it was. I have no problem with the format. As a text based ad with a link, I don’t really care what the ad is for – if I want to know, I’ll read it, or just ignore it.
    I do agree with others that mentioned wishing that they were more relevant to your site, but I understand you have no control over that. Keep them as is, make your $$, bring us more pics. Happy Memorial Day.

  • Matt

    The ads do bother me. As you have said before, you don’t watermark your images because they take away from the image; it is exactly what the ads do.

  • Great colors and composition! Nice alternative to your usual excellent fare of HDR stuff. The ads bugged me at first, but I’ll live. A man’s gotta eat, right? Keep up the great work!

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  • Thanks everyone… good feedback.

    There was just enough negative feedback for me to take them off. I think they are kinda ugly too… and I don’t need that in my world! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Master Ratcliff – (not sucking up, just speaking the truth) I honestly have not been to a better blog. I am a newcommer who has been a hobbiest for years and just recentlyl turned the page to a life of photography for a profession. I am a proud mother of a Canon 50D (didn’t want to wait for the 5D, I am impatient) and I am very happy with my purchase. I have captured some insanely beautiful images. I am on the computer a minimum of 18 hours a day playing with PS, Nik, OnONE, LR. I am a novice at all and seem to get by just fine and my customers are always happy. I am forever looking for free tutorials and free forums, blogs, webinars, newsletters, etc. Then I found YOUR blog, an After 5 million link clicks, I have found the best tutorial out there. It is concise – clear is another issue, I DONT GET IT! I am straight out of pre-school and into college, meaning, I really don’t get it. I am so challenged it isn’t even funny. I am pretty sure I can do it, I just need to write it step by step and explain it piece by piece. I am so excited to do my first HDR. I am purchasing PHOTOMATIX and hopefully Lucas Arts. Anways, my point is this – I can’t wait to bring some landscapes up to the next level. My portraits and animals need something special too – I just wished everythign could be done in HDR!!Your photography is absolutely flawless. I think I have found my new top 3 favorites and you are on 1st position. Thank you so much for your humor, your talent, and ESPECIALLY the immense amount of gracious time you put in to assisting all of us folks who eventually, with enough practice and luck – we essentially are your competition (myself excluded, of course)

    You are the best.

    thank you!

  • Wow – hey thanks Kimberly for the very nice note. I am happy you are here at the blog and enjoying your time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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