Up Close and Personal with the Imperial Walker

Imperial Walkers are some of the coolest sci-fi creations ever. I heard Lucas got the idea from looking at those giant seaside cranes in the San Francisco bay. If you ever cross the Oakland Bay Bridge, you can see the huge monstrous ironworks marching into the distance.

I would love to go be on a movie set to take photos. Why hasn’t anyone invited me to do this? I don’t know… But if there is an awesome movie being made somewhere with really interesting visuals, I hope someone enterprising can get me onto the set! I’ll do my best to take some really memorable shots. It’s too late for me to get on the Star Wars set, sadly. Besides, I was only 6 when the first one came out, and I didn’t know that much about cameras… just light sabers.

The Walker (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Very cool shot Trey, where is this?

  • Wow, I am in SF for the first time today and took a picture of those cranes, knowing I’d seen them somewhere before…

  • Thats freaking sweet!!!!! On with the STARWARS!!!!!!

  • I’m going to be a little picky on this one and say the sky is too blown out. Sorry. I like the concept though.

  • it looks so alive 🙂
    those cranes are really amazing, i took some pictures in Göteborg, Sweden, were thosse are, the problem was, that we coudn´t get into the area to shoot some pictures.

  • I agree with Mathew: the sky is definitely blown out on this one! And what’s up with the ads that appear when one hovers over the images with the mouse? They look absolutely displeasing. The ads greatly distract from your images (in my opinion), and it’s hard to imagine that their incorporation is worth the cost (loss of followers, etc).

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Nice shot.

    What’s with the popup ads??? sorry, but their really irritating, its not going to stop me visiting though.
    Just thought i’d put a comment about it though.

    All the best


  • LOL, Trey, you were only 6. You must be about the same age as our youngest. I remember when we went to see Star Wars at the movies and he was scared to death!! Nice shot of the Walker. Looks like a relic from the distant past. As for the pop ups, there no reason to put your mouse on the picture. If you don’t want to see them, keep you mouse at home, lol. Good luck on getting on a movie set, that would be neat!!

  • Steve


    I always enjoy your photography, and appreciate your willingness to share both your experience and your techniques. The popup ads incorporated in your photos may be a deal killer for me though. I suspect the reality is that most of us check in daily to admire your photos and these ads seriously detract from the enjoyment.

  • I’m guessing this is in Disney World.

  • Hey Trey, no drama with the ads at all, this is the internet after all, go for it! (The moment you have on page pop-up video ads I’m outta here though :P)

  • Mark P

    Don’t like the pop-up add. Very iritating.

  • I don’t care if the sky is Purple, this shot is cool. An Ewok’s nightmare.

  • Facebook User

    Did I ever mention that my dad used to work at 20th Century Fox? That’s one lot I can get you on… Maybe that will be our next adventure. Bwah ha ha haaaa…..

  • Mike

    Guys, stop complaining! Trey puts up wonderful pictures for you EVERY DAY and you’re going to complain? Seriously!
    Besides, the ads only show if you hover the mouse over the photo, so uhh, just maybe put your mouse somewhere else on the page?
    Just an idea!

  • KEWL!

  • JB

    Love your pics. Check em out almost every day. The pop-up ads distract from the art.

  • Thanks all. I see you don’t like the ads? I’ll decide tomorrow whether or not I will keep them. As you can see, there is no advertising on the site at all except for the little banner on the right. It’s probably the most ad-free popular site on the internet! I thought this was not very intrusive… since it only happens when you “Mouse-over” the pic, and is user-initiated. But, if it’s gonna piss people off, then I’ll remove them…

    Matthew – This is in Disneyworld.

  • Facebook User

    Great shot Trey! As far as the pop up ad goes, it’s not really that big of a deal. It only happens when you mouse over the picture and is not very intrusive. Not only that but I usually end up clicking on the picture to see the larger version on Flicker anyways.

  • Travis

    I did a little searching and found that the crane theory is an urban legend.

    Nice shot even though the sky is a little bright.

  • AWESOME!! I was in high school when the first one came out. It played here for over 1 year in the same theatre! The ad’s surprised me, but I don’t mind. I just know I have to keep my mouse off the image if I don’t want to see them. That’s pretty easy. 🙂

  • Will

    The ad is not obtrusive at all. Keep it Trey. You deserve the .000001 cent you are paid per impression for all the work you do on the site.

    Entertainment aint free people!

  • Keep the ads! You deserve the money. It’s *very* unobtrusive. Like someone else said, if you start using popunders, then I’ll complain, but unobtrusive ads like that will only make me cheer. The more money you make from this site, the better for us readers because you can afford to put more time into this site.

    Also consider rotating contextual Google AdSense ads, contextual Chitika MiniMalls, and contextual Amazon product links on your sidebar or right above posts. Check out http://www.problogger.net/ for the best resource online for monetizing your blog.

  • Ads: Anything that covers up the image (ever) is unwelcome in my book. Put them anywhere but there.
    Image: I went here for my senior trip in highschool and took a shot of the same thing! http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajremix/3560309222/
    Forgive the awful photo; I was not interested in Photography yet.

  • I was just looking over some of your Disney shots when I came along this one and saw your comment about wanting to take photos on a movie set. Not that I can help you, but you may already have the contacts if this is a wish you haven’t fulfilled yet. Take a look at this Guest Blog from Mike Kubeisy – http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/2009/archives/6690

    If you recall the Tampa workshop and a guy named Vanelli, he’s friends with Mike. RC may also be able to help put you in touch if you want to pursue this. Just a thought.

  • hey thanks for the idea – yes I know Vanelli – doesn’t EVERYONE know that guy? hehe

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