The Broken Bridge

Patagonia is marked with a change of terrain every half hour or so.  The 40km hike took me from mountains to plains to rivers to forests to swamps the to rolling hills.  All of these would be re-combined into interesting formations that kept my camera full and my backup system whirring away.  I’m glad the 20 pound battery of the D3X lasts about 6 months (exaggeration… but not by much)!

This was a particularly dense area of forest that was fed by a nearby stream system that came tumbling down off the Andes.  I came across this old bridge.  There is no telling how long it had been there…  I tried to imagine it was built by Fuegian Indians back in the day…

The Broken Bridge

  • How exactly did you keep your equipment powered in such a remote location? I just buy tons of batteries, but I have looked into solar chargers. I haven’t decided if its worth it.

  • Matthew – actually – the D3X really does have a great battery. It lasts for thousands of photos.

  • I have also considered a solar charging system, there are places online that guide you through building your own on a relatively cheap budget.

    Here is one, for example, for use as an iPod charger, or anything, I am sure, that uses USB as a power or charging source.

  • Great image! WIth all those moving branches you must have been masking things out for hours!

  • What an amazing travel-photography-blog!

  • Thanks!

    Jacob – that looks like a cool deal – thanks for the link. It would be nice if it went both ways and let my camera charge my iphone! 🙂

  • That’s soooooo cool! Fun to think of all the ways this bridge was used, the things that went over it. Sounds like a great area for a hike. Lucky YOU!!

  • Matt Gaston

    I love the “tree” pictures you do. They look soo real. when im doing trees i have a hard time getting the right green out of it, but it will come in time i hope.

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