The Artist Takes a Break

In Buenos Aires, there is a very artsy area called La Boca.  It’s filled with tiny little studios, restaurants, tango in the streets, and all kinds of life.  The colors are bright and vibrant, so, of course, I went crazy with my camera there.  While exploring, I found this cool artist’s studio on the second floor of an interior section.  I had on my 24-70mm, and I was admiring her studio at f2.4.  Then, by luck, she came to the window to peer out.  I grabbed a quick one.

This was edited with Nik Software which I am trying out, and I have put a bunch of new images inside of there…  Many of them are “in progress”, and might not show up in their final form on the blog for a few weeks.

The Artist Takes a Break, and a Nik Software Review (by Stuck in Customs)

Silver Efex Pro - antique Plate 2

Sunshine Filter

  • wow! Nik Software can sure produce some great images!
    it seems to have really help capture the colours and tones in the top one. i like the way detail has been brought out in the bottom image too, i made a similar (yet not as good) ivy covered picture with the photomatix trial. if there is one piece of software (excluding Photoshop) that i should buy to make hdrs, what would you recommend?

    thanks, dan.

  • Yeah…Nik definately Rocks! Have been using it for a while. Sometimes it just seems to “rescue” an image without too much work!

  • Al

    I’m surprised that you captured so much detail out of the room interior in that (as usual) great shot. Was the room quite bright or was it software.


  • Awesome! I really enjoy the composition, lines, and color in this one.

  • Why Can’t I link to your Nik Review section? Neither can I link to Lucis Tutorial. Is that only me?

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