The Angel

I think the (very nice!) regular visitors to the blog here know that I enjoy drawing. I’ve found that it has helped the photography quite a bit, and in unexpected ways. It now feels easier to notice lines, shapes, and negative space in a different way. At some point, words break down when trying to describe how one thing can bleed into another. It’s a lot like trying to describe a unique smell with words – is it even possible without being poetically silly? I don’t know!

I have my other drawings under the “Drawing” category there on the right, in case you want to see more. I don’t think I’m very good yet, and I still find these very hard to do. I am experimenting with various styles and looks, trying not to be afraid of unfamiliar genres. This is my first “cartoony” look… I tried to blend something eastern and western… anyway, I’m blabbing too much.

Speaking of blabbing, I have a very looong review of Nik Software coming up tomorrow. It also will feature a bunch of secret unpublished shots, so you can get a bit of a peak “behind the scenes”, so that sort of thing might appeal to you even if you are not the sort that likes playing around with cool photoshop filters.

The Angel



  • Great drawing Trey!!! I love my Nik filters! I use Nik Color Efex Pro complete and Nik Viveza.

    Also use some of the on one filters too.

    Looking forward to your Nik review.

  • Wow, you draw too! You are a very good artist!

  • I love it, i wish i could draw like this.

  • very nice shots!

  • Trey, when you started talking about drawing, I was imagining stick people like I would draw…holy crap, you are good…how can you say you are not very good yet??

    I have been using Nik filters for years now….looking forward to hearing what you think….I for one, love them.



    PS…hoping you get back out here to Indonesia…gotta go hunting together.

  • I definitely need more hours in a day to do all the things I would like to do, you however constantly amaze me with everything (as in quantity, should it be ‘all’?) you do… Great drawing!

  • Mike

    You should have taken your HDR style picture of it so it would look like a cartoon!

  • Eleazar Paradise

    I’ve been watching your work for the last 3 weeks and I’m convinced that IT IS hard for you to post a new great photo everyday. I think we all appreciate it.

  • Stacey

    I’ve been reading your blog for I don’t know how long now, but I’ve never actually commented. I don’t think you give yourself nearly enough credit for the drawings you do. You are fantastic! I love it!

  • Joshua

    Nice drawing– your multiple talents and willingness to share them are inspiring! Thank you.

  • Jim

    Great focusing techinques… Question, do you always do a custom White Balance before you shot ( if so how and what do you use )or do you let your DX3 do it automatically. I have been meaning to ask you this for awhile. PS I just want to thank you for all you do and the style in which you do it.

  • MichaelC

    Your shots with the thin depth of field remind me of the lenses I just looked at yesterday for the first time at and particularly the one called Composer. I always enjoy checking out your photos and am so glad I was exposed to HDR to boot!

  • john

    Trey, that box in the first pic is amazing! It keeps grabbing my eye, perhaps even owns the pic. What is it? I’m sure it came from your travels somewhere, I have a love of intricate woodwork and I’m besotted with that box!
    Talent will out, drawing, photography, wouldn’t surprise me to see a nice painting or two hanging on your wall.

  • casusan

    Wow! Wonderful drawing Trey! I am impressed by your talent in many areas!

  • bonjour,
    Nice compositions and DOF..beautiful tones..Bravo!

  • Thanks everyone – very nice of you.

    Stacey – thanks for taking the time to write a comment 🙂 I’ve seen some studies, and only about 1% of readers even end up commenting… the rest are lurkers, or are maybe too shy to comment… I hope that is not the case around here!

    Jim, I do adjust the white balance when the conditions really change. I don’t have many rules of thumb…just kinda what feels right at the time.

    John – Glad you like the box. I picked that up in an antique store in southern malaysia. I shipped it back on a boat and it took about two months to arrive!

  • hi trey,
    how did you first learn to draw – did you use books or just teach yourself?

  • Dan, I taught myself mostly… I did pick up some good tips from “Drawing for the Right Side of the Brain”

  • Hey trey,
    I love the fact that you draw and that you nudge them in here every once in a while to show us what’s happening, great work. Even your pictures of flat pencil drawings come to life with the focusing techniques… loveee Nik by the way, excited to read it!

  • Nice work man….quite the talent you are 🙂

  • I think your drawing is quite nice. What I find amazing is the photo you took of it. Usually you are all about having everything in focus yet you have chosen such a wide aperture here and I do like it.

  • Thanks you guys… 🙂 I work around some great sketch artists… I am trying to get at least half as good as they are!

  • Is the box in the first picture a humidor? I love it and I covet it. I saw the comment that it took a while to get to you – it’s taking longer to get to me!!! Only 1% leave comments… 1% DON”T read them!!!

  • River

    Hello trey,
    I am a fourteen year old sketch artist and I think you do awsome work, in both photography (which goes with out saying, and which I dont know much about) and sketching (which you seem to disagree on, and which I know a little somthing about). But seriously, I do enjoy your work and (though you can allways get better) since you are reasonably good at sketching, I would suggest trying a differant medium. Scratch board is fun and I’m sure you would enjoy the challenge of working in negative space versus positive space, which you normally work with when drawing, painting, or working with other “normal” mediums. If you do try scratch board you should take a picture of it, I would really enjoy it!

  • Thanks!

    Smitty – no… just a pretty box…!

    River – Thanks! you have a cool name…I may try that! Now I am starting to do some intensive studies of human bodies and heads… it’s gonna take a long time methinks.

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