Grabbing a bite at sunset

For those interested, I was recently interviewed by Jim Goldstein about photography, HDR, and the like on “EXIF and Beyond”. You can hear the podcast here.

Whenever I am Europe, I have more snacks than my 3-year-old in the US every day.  I can’t believe how much my daughter eats.  I don’t know where it all goes.  She is like a tardis and has the metabolism of the entire Chinese gymnastics team.

This was shot in the streets of Dresden.  I had just grabbed a snack to carb up before the upcoming sunset.  These sunsets are supposed to be relaxing, but I had to hot-foot it around from location to location to squeeze it all into the hour.

Grabbing a bite at sunset (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Great atmosphere!

  • Thanks Patrick! 🙂 It was a cool atmosphere… I could not resist taking a shot there.

  • casusan

    Ahh! What a lovely scene – perfectly captured Trey! The interview was super too – think you ‘handled’ him well!

  • Indibang

    This one is great,Trey. Nice capture. Details of building are very relevent.

  • I love this. Great shot !

  • Cool! Is this a HDR made from a single RAW or multiple exposures?
    Dresden seems to be a nice place for photography. Never been there though I am from Germany. Have to go there one day… And the best: I can go by car so I can bring a goooood tripod, not just my Gorilla Pod 🙂

  • Wow, you’ve outdone yourself again! This picture gets me really excited for my Europe trip next week (even though I’m not going to Italy, but this picture is just so quintessentially European!) Loved the interview on EXIF and Beyond…I can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for three years!

  • I really enjoyed the podcast you posted. It is always enjoyable to hear others talk about something I have become so passionate about. It is quite difficult to find people that take an active interest in HDR technology, thanks for the post Trey.

  • Lovely, lovely, lovely! The detail in the architecture just grabs me, off to listen to your podcast now before my work colleagues get in, cheers Trey

  • This is really lovely! I like the architecture, light, urban street mood. Absolutely great! Thank you for sharing your work and cheering us up! 🙂

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Beautiful Photo as always, the typical european architechture, lighting, perfect.

    Trey, i’ve included i link that you might like, not sure if you’ve seen this already or not??
    It’s in the same spirit as your photo “A mini land of San Francisco” tilt shift timelapse.
    Hope you like it, incredible, must have taken a very long time to put this all together.

    Hope everyone else enjoys it too.

    All the best


  • Ash

    You have such an interesting way with HDR, no one else compares to these shots on your site. I recently used you as my main photographer in research for my final project in college and it went down fantastic! keep it up 🙂

  • Trey – these images as stunning. I’ve picked up your site from Gavin Seim’s podcast and am loving your work.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I post these things at midnight, then go to sleep soon after that. It’s always fun to wake up and read what you wrote!

    Mike – thanks for posting that cool tilt-shift video. I just shared it on Twitter and FB!

    Zideshowbob – This was a 5 exposure HDR with Photomatix.

  • Awesome shot as usual Trey!!!

  • wow! this one is really beautiful. also dresden is in germany : )

  • Absolutely awesome!!!

  • It looks like the streets are paved with gold, nice detail on the buildings, too!

  • Facebook User

    Love outdoor cafes. I wish they were more prevalent where I live. Btw, enjoy that metabolism while you can. I was skinny as a rail until I hit age 48. When the change happens, it’s shocking. I didn’t exactly get fat, but I am no longer the sylph I once was. -Fenraven

  • “Thanks everyone for your comments. I post these things at midnight, then go to sleep soon after that. It’s always fun to wake up and read what you wrote!”
    Good thing you shoot HDR so you don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn. LOL.

    Great job on the podcast, interesting as always. I have to admit I was surprised to hear you’ve only been at this for 3 years or so, obviously you have learned a lot in that time. I find that very inspiring.

    You made mention on the podcast that you were thinking about trashing all your old HDR stuff on Flikr. I understand wanting to get rid of the evidence, but just think how great of a tool the old HDR’s could be for showing us, if we work at it, just how much our skills can improve. I wonder how often someone decides to give HDR a try after seeing some of your work but then just packs it in when they can’t get the same results. I’m a long way from being able to pull off what you’re doing today, but if I can start getting near where you were a few years ago then I know I’m on the right track.

  • Thank you guys…

    Fenraven – me too!

    Bob – thanks there… well… hehe – maybe the tutorial can help you shortcut around some of my earlier mistakes!

  • Brian

    You know you’ve hit big time when you’re a google trend:,+Stuck+in+Customs&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

    Congratulations dude! Glad to see your stuff rocking more then my desktop 🙂

  • Beautiful shot with wonderful colors and atmosphere!

  • Andrew

    Wonderful! I have so much to learn about HDR. For example, how do you take 5 exposures of people while still getting them sharp?

  • hey thanks all! 🙂

    Andrew – Imention that in my HDR Tutorial here on the site

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