The Lion Gate of Vancouver

This is the prettiest bridge that leads to Vancouver. It looks cool from just about any angle, so it was fun driving around, skirting the coast, checking out all the vantage points.

You also take this bridge when heading north to Whistler, which is another cool area. I’ve never been there in the winter… I need to get up there and get my snowboardin’ on!

The Lion Gate of Vancouver (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Great colors and reflection, Trey. Vancouver is a great place to visit, I agree!

  • My eyes can hardly absorb all the vivid colors from the bridge. Excellent problem to have though.

  • Great reflection of the lights. Cool shot!

  • boardin in whistler is awesome for sure! Its really good right now actually, nice spring weather

  • monica neveklovska

    You’re making me miss home! Vancouver is amazing. Great shot of lions gate. As for Whistler in the winter, you definitely need to visit. As always, great picture.

  • Love the colors.

  • The reflections on the water are just beautiful…the curvature of the bridge sort of makes it look flimsy from a distance!

  • Facebook User

    Look me up if you come up to Whistler sometime – skier not a boarder but know my way around. Bridge photo a tribute to the Canucks loss tonight? We’re sad but the bridge is really cool.

  • Wonderful reflections of the colorful lights on the water, Trey, glad you found that “right spot”. Any picture you take with water in it is always beautiful. Another great job, thanks!!

  • Thank you guys 🙂

  • casusan

    Sooo beautiful Trey – wonderful reflections!

  • Excellent reflections, great job!

  • Amazing color for a night shot – like a “rainbow in the dark!”

  • ana

    I’m from Portugal nad I love your blog. You must come to visit Lisbon to photografth it

  • absolutely wonderful photo., i really like that,and reflection in the water is awesome .thanks for sharing.

  • Marko

    Great photo!

    One small point: it’s the Lions Gate Bridge, a reference to the two very similar mountain peaks it is the gate to (if you’re driving North from Vancouver). collectively they’re called The Lions.

  • Just a note….. the bridge is called Lions Gate Bridge – not sure if that effects the title or not, ie lion gate. Great shot – Im on the island and would love to get over to the city more for shots like this.

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