The Great Dinosaur Museum Mystery

Let’s have a little fun here today and see who can figure out where this museum is located.  This one will be a little bit of a riddle, and a tough one at that.  I’ll be fielding answers all day here, Twitter, and Facebook…  Once we have a winner, I’ll be sure to post it in the comments here… barring that, I’ll put up the answer myself in 24 hours.  I’ve also sent off a memo to Jack Horner, so we will see if he can beat you to the punch.

In other news, I have finally gotten around to writing a short Nikon D3X Review, which has been added to the reviews section.  There are one or two new shots in there, but it is mostly stuff that regular readers have seen before.

The Great Dinosaur Museum Mystery (by Stuck in Customs)

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    I have no idea what museum this is from Trey, but it seems like it should be a scene from the movie “A Night At The Museum”! Once again another great photo Trey.

  • My first guess would have been the Natural History Museum in London, but the hall is too small and intimate for the NHM. That made me think it was a private collection, perhaps in some rich man’s estate.

    But looking closely at your large image – it’s a model, a diorama. The grain on the herringbone flooring is a dead giveaway – it is too far out of scale to be real wood in a real world application. Also, looking at the moldings and “cast iron” works, there are too many dimensional variances to have been lifesize. Also the stonework is molded, not real. I won’t even start on the lightbulbs.

    Aha! You almost had me for a moment. It is a model, but I’m guessing that it is not a physically built model. Since you are a game designer by profession, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you, or your company, created this virtual dinosaur museum for an upcoming game environment. Am I right? Of course you would have had to create an HDR rendition of the rendered model.

  • My guess is that’s a museum from Paris, isn’t it?

  • Close, but its the Lyon Miniature Museum!

  • Museum of Natural History in NYC.

  • I haven’t a clue, but if it is a miniature museum, sure is a great work of art. Where ever it is, great picture, thanks for sharing!!!! That’s one of my favorite subjects. If I had my life to live over again, I would be an archeologist or in that field.

  • David Morton got it right.
    It is the Lyon Miniature Museum.

    NIce shot, Trey. Wily!

  • Hey you guys are good! Damon got the first hint of it… then Thomas figured it out.

    The little museum was very cool. I’m amazed anyone could do that.

  • casusan

    I am amazed your readers figured it out so quickly – fun Trey!

  • I’m sure they would be interested in your shot for their website or publicity, it is far better than anything they have on their own website.

  • Niall

    It’s a miniture replica of some museum or other,
    thats all i can say =], great workmanship gone into it aswel.

  • It looks like a place where I was at in Dinosaur National park in northwestern U.S.A. I think it was in Arizona

  • Here is the link to the exact same scene that I took in Lyon, France several years ago of a miniature of a natural history museum.

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