Where Geothermal Steam Covers the Land

Every time I go to Yellowstone, I see something different. There are hundreds of great locations, each one of which should be visited for at least an hour during three different times of the day.

This is a new area I visited on my most recent trip there. I don’t think it is always this steamy, since the air temp has to be a certain delta to the water. I don’t know why, but it’s always fun to sit there and watch the boiling water. I don’t enjoy watching boiling water in my kitchen, but the sight there is always mesmerizing.. There is also the strong smell of sulfur carried through the area. It wasn’t repulsive at all, but it did give me the just-took-off-my-helmet-on-an-away-mission feeling.

Where Geothermal Steam Covers the Land (by Stuck in Customs)

  • I am sure it is especially true of Yellowstone, but I believe every photographic location needs to be revisited numerous times to appreciate the beauty.
    Nice subject matter here but I feel it is a very “busy” image. My eye isn’t pulled to one area. Just my thoughts. 🙂

  • I really like the different layers of color and clarity in this shot. It seems like it would be very relaxing to just sit and take it all in.

  • wow! this is an amazing shot.
    i tried taking photos of similar things in iceland and wish i’d known about hdr before then.
    think it really helps to bring out the steam.

  • marc in calgary

    one of my favorite areas of the entire world… I never say, “I don’t want to return there”.
    my first year, was the year after the great fires of ’89. Some memories never fade.

    We camped beside a guy from Los Angeles that had rented a camper for him and his 10 year old, who had NEVER been outside of L.A. I remember thinking, wow, that kid must be as happy as he’s ever been… later in the day, as he showed me his son’s catch of the day, his son pretty much confirmed that. I hope he’s returned… or at least that the memory someday will be enough for that son, to bring his son to return again.

    and the sight of the elks walking by a city guy at Mammoth Hot Springs… just wow. makes me laugh still.
    thanks Trey, for bringing it all back to me.

  • wonderful shot!!!

  • Yellowstone is one of our world’s most amazing places. We first visited there in 1984 when our kids were with us. Now that we live so close, we’ve only been a couple of times 🙁 . You captured a nice area, Trey. It is mesmerizing. Great job. Hope to see some more of Yellowstone in the furture: but there are many places to see, and all your pictures are much appreciated!!!!! Thanks for sharing with all of your fans once again!!

  • simply magical, like a dream.. Awesome!!

  • The biggest caveat of visiting your beautiful photos Trey, is that I sit here and read every comment from every person. They are always so descriptive and involved, it brings the “memories” back for me, and I wasn’t even there, nor have I ever been.

    Thank you Trey, and everyone for giving me the opportunity to partake of the things in life I have not yet experienced, and medical conditions aside, hopefully one day I will have similar stories to tell family and friends.


  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot Trey – love your stories too about each subject!

  • Indibang

    great shot !

  • Facebook User

    Fantastic shot Trey! Love the colors in this one.

  • Thanks all – happy you like what you see with this one

    Marc – thanks for the story 🙂
    Jacob – yes I am with ya – no worries – it’s my pleasure

  • Kick butt picture, Trey! This one definitely made it up on my top 10.
    I noticed you left the lens flare intact (specifically the purple glare), which means I now know to not spend so much time trying to reduce that effect!

  • This is just an amazing shot – I agree with Charlie, the lens flare definitely makes this picture even more special!

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