The Panorama of Patagonia

I have put up a short Gigapan Review. The gigapan is a cool little machine that lets you make photos that are insanely huge.

This is the same photography tech that was used on the Mars rover, and I was able to jam it into my backpack during my hike in southern Argentina. Panoramas on the web are always a tough thing to show and share. The default size is always short and wide, and it loses a lot of the effect. Then scrolling and moving about seems to take away a little bit too. I think a lot about how people consume digital media on the web, and I’m not sure there is a great way to show off a panorama just yet. I’ve used dozens of GUIs, and they all seem a little bit clunky.

However, despite all those comments above, you can go here to the Gigapan site to see the full-sized version, zoom in, etc etc.

As you can see, it was a beautiful and rough place. I can’t believe I hiked for so long and didn’t twist my ankle once. The late afternoons heading into sunsets always had these clouds that were darker than the sky, making it all extra moody.

The Wiles of Patagonia, a 14K panorama (by Stuck in Customs)

  • I agree. Panoramas are meant to be viewed HUGE. I bet an actual print of this about 70 inches would be awesome. None the less, good capture.

  • neat shot!

  • That hike must have been something else, Trey. Awesome landscape and I will be heading straight to Gigapan right now.

  • Indibang

    Nice, I love panaromas.

  • WOW, what a wonderful shot, Trey. I can imagine it would be hard to put a panaramic picture on the net. The “old fashioned pictures” were so long and narrow when you got them back from being developed. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • casusan

    Wonderful Trey! What a beautiful time of year to be there!

  • I like panoramas that are made up of lots of zoomed in photos, so when you zoom in you can see great detail. That’s what I try to do when I make mine. Excellent photo, as usual! 😉

  • I was just thinking…Would a DSLR display much more detail than a good point and shoot for an image like this? I imagine it would, but that is speculation. Any thoughts?

  • Hey there…well.. it depends on the camera and the zoom on it. You can make a pano with a 300mm lens fully zoomed that would be enormous that would swamp anything a little prosumer camera can do

  • Al

    Great Stuff

    Could you post what you eat for breakfast sometime, or anything that might give us an insight into how you accomplish so much in one day?

    I saw a show about a German Pano Photographer. You may have heard of the type of rig he used. It’s a large format film camera that exposes one–long–negative. It does this by advancing the film through the camera, as the camera spins itself, along the axis of the pano, at the same speed.

    Interesting stuff

  • Panorama cameras that advance the film have been around a long time. I have a print from the mid 70’s that I am in produced with one. I have seen examples that are much older. Instead of taking a “standard” image it basically has a slit that exposes a small part of the film. The camera rotates on it’s axis until it is out of film.

    A few problems in my opinion over something like the Gigapan:

    1. Can not pan up and down (mainly good for single plane panoramas)

    2. Zoom ability limited to quality of film – you must shoot in wide angle to get shot, can not shoot with telephoto lens for example

    3. Full 360 panoramas are difficult since it is dependent on the amount of film and the amount of rotation available

    4. Digitizing would be difficult. To get any real quality you would have do scan in strips and then re-stitch, messy.

    5. Cost. I did a quick search and found some of these film units are approaching $10K US! Yikes!

    I found some here that you can order

    Personally, I just ordered the Gigapan a few minutes ago 🙂

  • hey I’m from rio gallegos and I love el chalten that picture it is on your way up to there right? my aunt lives in chalten tere is her name she is kown there she drives a cab…. well it is great that someone who isn’t from patagonia can apreciate and capture these lovely places.
    salutes dino.

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