A Winter Snow in Autumn

I was in Patagonia as the leaves were turning colors for the fall, and on the edge of the glacial zone of the Andes, it could snow at any time.

I had camped in a very picturesque little forest to get away from the wind and the elements. We were pretty close to a river, which was nice to listen to while I slept. Note that I wasn’t in a tent since I had removed myself from Yuri’s tent for the sake of sanity and sleep. Luckily my sleeping bag was rated for negative 10 degrees, so I stayed snug.

The next morning when I woke up, a gentle snow was falling all around. The inner sanctum of the forest was green and warm while snow started piling up on the edges of the trees. It all looked too perfect, so of course I had to set up for a shot to bring it home to y’all!

A Winter Snow in Autumn (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Ohh man what a good time of year to take some awesome photos! Always impressed with your work trey!

  • Not really feeling it. There doesn’t seem to be any depth to the image. Feels really flat.

  • it is flat, and there are a lot of lost details when you processed the picture, although the scenery is great! Congrats!

  • I love this shot! Very artsy, it’s like a song, it tells a story!

  • I agree with Steve Davis. The photo seems boring.
    Sometimes I wonder if you can do more than HDR…

  • Barb

    Beautiful description but the picture doesn’t do it justice. Something went wrong here.

  • Chris

    Watch out, you will offend the fan boys and stir up a ruckus. I agree with the others. Funny to see trey dabble into impressionism.

  • Well, the colors certainly are beautiful, Trey. Love the story behind the picture on this one. What a beautiful place to sleep in peace!!!!

  • George

    Any chance of seeing the pre-HDR version?

  • Wow!
    It looks like a painting.

  • Thanks y’all for taking the time to comment, as always.

    Steve, Andrei, Branden, Barb – Interesting that some of you find it flat… thanks for the feedback… I am curious as to how you guys are seeing it like that. It fits nicely on my big monitor at home with big black edges and looks nice. I think it loses something, smaller, on the web… but – thanks for the feedback nonetheless!

  • I like the scene, but I’m not seeing the snow very well, not getting the feeling you described, which sounded awesome! It almost looks over saturated. 🙁 Love your stuff, just being honest. 🙂

  • casusan

    Pretty, pretty – love it Trey! Such a cool time of the year to be there!

  • Hey Trey, I think it feels flat to me cuz the light is so even, it’s hard to see anything receeding or coming forward. Nothing seems to pop out to me. Maybe cuz you were there and know how it supposed to look, it seems fine to you. I think another part is that you are lacking any noticable foreground element and nothing that really shows scale either. If you would have included more of that grass/bush in the lower left, it might have worked better.

    Sorry to criticise, but from MY standpoint, I like getting criticism, cuz it makes me a better photographer. Hearing “great shot!” all the time is nice, but is also doesn’t help me get any better.

  • KathleenMcGillick

    waiting for the sheriff of knotingham to pop out in pusuit of Robin and his merry men

  • Your pictures are outstanding! Do you ever put up pictures before HDR? It would be interesting to see.

  • Trey, Question for you!

    Have you, or will you consider placing ads on your site for other photographers? I would love to buy a small slot somewhere on your front page to advertise my photography!

    Let me know!

  • Hypereal!!!


    i love all of your photos. you should do a calendar or a book.

  • yeah, definitely do a calendar.

  • your pics are sooo awesome!!!!!! they dont even look real. thats how beautiful they are. dont stop

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