The Bizarre Da Vinci Styled Hotel

This was shot in the lobby of The Joule Hotel in Dallas. All the architecture and decor inside is related to energy. I found it by accident while walking down the street on last night after dark with my rig. I saw some interesting lights inside, then peered closer to see a giant gearworks rotating around. I ducked inside for some shots and ended up talking to some very nice people behind the front desk. The hotel itself is filled with all sorts of art, and they gave me a nice little guide so I could work myself around and drink it all in.

There is also this awesome swimming pool ( pic from their website ) with a glass front that juts out over Main street in Dallas. It was under repair, so she said I could not photograph it…. but maybe next time!

Note this photo is not HDR. It uses some new software that I am in the process of reviewing… I hope to get it up soon!

The Bizarre Da Vinci Styled Hotel

  • Wow another new software so cool. Which one is it this time? Did you have a chance to go to the museum, I heard King Tut is in town? Would you be allowed to take fotos inside there or would you have to sneak in the Nikon D3X monster? That would be amazing…ok have a good evening now…

  • Wow, a hotel where you want to spend time IN the hotel instead of just a place to crash. COOL! Great photo too. 🙂


    i live in dallas and didn’t know about this. i have to see it for myself now. this is a great shot!

  • I tried to photograph their lobby, they ran me off. Go figure.

  • Adam

    Very cool. Interested to hear more about this new software Trey!

  • The pool looks similar to the Playboy pool at the Palms Hotel in Vegas.[email protected]/305128017/

  • Thanks all!

    Dale, that happens to me sometimes too… don’t let it keep you from trying again and again. They aren’t gonna throw you in jail. The whole concept of not wanting people to take pics is absolutely absurd. All we are doing is making the place more and more popular online, which is where people make their travel choices nowadays anyway.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot! I’d like to stay there!

  • Thanks Trey. I’ll keep trying.

  • Ed

    Nice as usual. How fast are those gears moving? They seem quite blurry.

  • I have to say that the software follows your style very well. Or you managed to tweak the software to match your style 🙂

  • It’s not EnfuseGUI, is it?

  • Thanks all…

    I won’t say what the software is for sure yet… I want to give a full representative view of it! 🙂 (but it’s not enfuseGUI hehe)

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