A Mini-Land of San Francisco

Everyone always seems to like San Francisco, eh? It’s one of those places that people either have fond memories of, or an ongoing feeling like they need to go there.

I know some photographers are probably familiar with this tilt-shift type of shot. For those of you not familiar with it, there is a way to take photos and convert them into something that looks like a miniature. You can do it in-camera with a certain kind of lens, or afterwards with some post-processing. I don’t do a lot of tilt-shift stuff, but I thought I would share this one! 🙂

The Mini-Land of San Francisco

  • I’ve always kinda liked this effect. I have a PC lense rented for the next 2 weeks…I think I’ll give it a go 🙂

  • Zainab

    I’ve been following you for quite a while but never commented before.
    This is a beautiful shot. The clear boarder between blurry and distinct is interesting.

  • I wondering if you would ever do a tilt shift on your blog. It looks great trey!!!

  • So how did you do yours? Tilt/Shift Lens or post processing. Since I do not own such a lens I would be interested in a tutorial. And is it a HDR , too?

  • Adam

    Wow, crazy photo there Trey! It looks like a little micro machine town. Now you are making me want to go hike the nearest mountain here in Phoenix and give this a try, but alas I do not have a lens like this. Keep up the great work Trey.

  • Leslie

    yay!!!! i love tilt shift Trey! awesome! now you have to make a tutorial….look what you’ve gotten yourself into–

  • Great tilt-shift, Trey! I tried it myself lately, and although the process is quite simple, the results are always very nice.

  • une très belle réalisation, les couleurs des batiments renforcent la sensation Lego !

  • Thanks all!

    Cushmok – Merci!

    This was a post-processing technique. If I had more time, which I don’t, I would make a tutorial! However, there are lots of good tutorials online for tilt-shift stuff.

    This one is not HDR at all…

  • Very cool. I love this effect. You know where I think it looks well is in Boston, looking toward Fenway Park from either the top of the Prudential center (or even from that hotel room of yours that you took that sunrise shot from, albeit looking in the wrong direction for Fenway — but if you were able to snap a shot out the end of the hallway)

  • Joe

    Taken from the top of Coit Tower! I did some of the same from there just a couple of months back… Good work! http://tinyurl.com/cafx59

  • Hi Trey!! my friend Robin Liu very love your work. and i find out your fackbook, suddenly i find we have two same friends one is Robin Liu. but another is my colleague, so i go and ask him, did you konw Trey? he say yes.Trey is my previously BOSS, and you open company in Malaysia? we are same industry. by the way,nice to meet you!

  • TUTORIAL, TUTORIAL, TUTORIAL…….(all together now!)…..

  • Zim

    Excellent! Looks really nice!

  • ITS so fun! Im working on a whole project with stuff like this. i’ll let you know when i get it done! thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent. Would love a tutorial.

  • You guys there is plenty of tutorials out there for this type of effect. Although I would love to see Trey’s since he goes through great lengths to make a quality tutorial but none the less you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to.

  • casusan

    SF – my favorite! Why don’t you come out for a visit?? 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    I am working on a number of reviews and other little projects… then maybe… some some some day…. I can do a tilt-shift tutorial! 🙂

  • Davy Menge

    I found this tutorial online, I tried it and it really hits the spot. Very nice outcome.

    Good luck!

    Love the site!


  • Davy Menge

    haha oops, can’t edit but forgot the link!

    Here you go 🙂


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  • Facebook User

    Interesting technique. I’ve seen tutorials on this, but didn’t think much of the final results. Yours, however, is stunning! Good job! I may have to take another whack at it if this is what can be achieved. –Fenraven

  • AWESOME! I’ve played with this a little in Photoshop but never gotten great results like this!

  • Carolina

    outstanding! this picture is awesome

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