A Canyon Oasis

This place is deep inside Glacier National Park. The only bad thing about photography is I can’t show how deafening the sound of the waterfall inside the canyons was! It ricocheted around the rocky walls and seemed to be perfectly acoustic echo chamber. I didn’t get in, but the water seemed super-cold.

It was a nice spot to stop and take a break for a bit. You would think the noise would kind of relaxing, but it was less of the alarm-clock-bubbling-brook and more of the 747-emergency-landing…

A Canyon Oasis

  • Wow… beautiful color Trey. This one really captures what your brain remembers when out in nature!

  • Stunning.

    I’m going to Banff national Parc this summer. Do you have any tips on which lense to bring for my Pentax k20d? I currently just have the kit lense.

  • Great shot with beautiful colors.

    No super sized original view?

  • can i have an email?…
    thank you!

  • Fantastic colors, Trey. Glad it doesn’t come with the noise.

  • Awesome colors! I’ve always loved long exposures on waterfalls. Next time switch to movie mode to see if that can capture some of what you were hearing. But I love the description – 747-emergency landing! LOL!!

  • Adam

    Absolutely stunning Trey! The color is fantastic in this shot and really captures the moment.

  • Thanks all – Let me fix the orig view! 🙂 I’ll make it big – sorry PAtrick… !

    Alex – I am overloaded currently – but you can send to tratcliff at gmail dot com

  • awesome timing with the sun on cliffs edge!

  • wonderful…. great capture and processing

  • Gorgeous work as always Trey…

  • Elizabeth

    This is very “Twilight”.

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