About to cross the stream on the hike, approaching the blue glacier

This is about 20km into our backpacking. The fertile soil from recent glaciation sprang colorful life everywhere, even as the valley was changing colors for autumn. Little streams trickled here and there and fell into larger streams. Fording some of these was always a little sketchy when carrying a bunch of expensive camera equipment, but it was always worth it.

I can’t explain how often I stopped to take photos along this hike! I am sure it took about 4x as long as needed, but that was the point of the whole trip, after all…

If you zoom into the large or ( original size ), you can see the glowing blue glacier there, spilling out from between the edge of the Andes.

About to cross the stream on the hike, approaching the blue glacier

  • That is STUNNING! Love it!

  • Really nice Trey. Is this from a single RAW or from multiple exposures? Enjoying the shots from this trip!

  • Eugene

    Better than in real life Trey. Awesome.

  • Beautiful.

  • Hey Trey, excellent detail.

    When I looked at the original size, I could see vertical “stiching” type pixelation. Is this a panorama? What are those from?

  • Thanks Lindsay, Eugene, and Craig.

    Thorpeland — this was 5 exposures -2 to +2 — I wish my camera stepped by 2!

  • Matthew – no – not a panorama… I wonder where the vertical stitching came from? A strange artifact, perhaps…! ?

  • Raymond

    Spectacular colors… sweet clouds… another great image!!! Happy Easter

  • Totally amazing!!! What a trip that must have been!

  • Gary

    Impressive!!!!! You captured the real beauty of The Andes.

  • Great catch of this beautiful countryside! Would love to see a panorama 😉

  • Beautiful picture, Trey. I’m still sharing them with my sister and she agrees that your pictures are beautiful. She does oil painting and water color pictures that are beautiful, too. So she is a fellow artist, just a different genre. Anyway, life is good here in Michigan, busy visiting our family and friends and that’s more than you wanted to know. Thanks for sharing your life with us!!!! Keep up the good work, WTG!!! Be safe, well and warm.

  • Stunning Trey!!! Hope you had a good Easter Hiking in the Andes!

  • Sigh… you get to do some seriously amazing things, thank goodness you always take a camera with you, beautiful, simply beautiful!

  • Thanks all!

    Gail – glad your sis likes it… adding one fan at a time – thanks! I’ve had several painters use my stuff as reference… I should post all the painting on here sometime – there are some very interesting reproductions being done.

  • Adam

    Fantastic shot Trey. You’ve really managed to capture some great colors in this one.

  • Looks like a beautiful meadow at the top of the world.

  • Apostle


  • Thanks yall ! 🙂

  • Deb

    This has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Be safe and warm and keep up the excellent work. I know you will, you probably can’t help it!

  • Wow, wow, WOW! Incredible.

  • Stunning colors…it seems like the clouds are been suck away…..

  • This is a great shot. The 20+ megapixels on that D3x are pretty awesome. I’d love to shoot with one of those for a day.


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