Approaching the Glacier after a Stormy Sunrise

We left while it was still dark to reach this spot by the morning. The glacier is already a deadly blue, but the morning light gets into the nooks and crannies and makes the blue reflect around like an argon laser.

It was really cold when I took this. And raining. And windy. I had a panoply of towels, rags, and other drying agents in various pockets, constantly wiping down the lens. I also had the sweet lady D3X inside of a clear plastic bag to protect it from the whipping rain. Every 30 minutes or so, I could hear an ungodly creaking and ripping of ice as another cleaved off into the water below. I understand if there was going to be a huge piece cleave off that the splash could actually make it all the way to me. I both wanted it to happen and didn’t want it to happen at the same time. I think my indecision made it not happen.

Also — interesting news? I am working on a little short film from Patagonia. It will be about 8 minutes long… I don’t know when it will be done. It seems to be taking longer than expected!

Approaching the Glacier after a Stormy Sunrise

  • I wonder how long our waters will last…I can’t wait for the video…

  • Incredible color Trey.

  • Thanks 🙂

    You might also like the Original Size at

  • So many blues, great work Trey. Your must be having a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime trip.


  • The original is awesome! The blue ice contrasting the red-brownish color of the foreground… beautiful!

  • Good one Trey, the contrasts and the colour in the ice is wonderful.

  • Looking at pictures likes this makes me forget that we are in global recession… Magical!!!! The Original should not be missed, Do you monetize your pictures?

  • Facebook User

    Mesmerizing. The contrast, the blueness. It’s a fairy tale land.

  • Great hints of blue!

  • Wow Trey, that looks very close to what we’ve seen and, important, felt there.
    Do you remember the cold whiff? It was hard to make a long breath cuz the frost of the ice age was in the air…

  • Awesome shot

  • Raymond

    Man oh man! I used to be a tour guide in Alaska and swear that I’ve seen the magnificent colors in real life just as you’ve captured here. I admire your work and continually battle jealousy of your skills and opportunities. (kinda zonked, sorry if this doesn’t make much sense) It’s totally great to follow your work… I’ve been a secret fan for sometime…figured it was time I let you in on the it. Thank you, Trey, for allowing us to dl your images for backgrounds and stuff. Iphones are cool, but mine is totally sweet now since I have your images for backgrounds. Man! Thank you!!! (btw, I like your new look)

  • Absolutely breathtaking!

  • Wow this picture is beautiful, me emociono

  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph ! [ in that order ]
    Love the new site design btw.

  • The blues are just like I remember from Alaska’s glaciers, never could capture that color myself though, simply beautiful!

  • Tom Horton

    Great shot, cool colors!

    You need an Olympus E-3 for this kind of weather. It’s splashproof and you wouldn’t have mess with plastic bags etc.

  • Fiona Murphy

    Really love this one. A little bit magic, a little bit tragic, a little bi rock an’ roll… Lovely.

  • Great color and impressive shot! More dramatic light than when I visited the tip of the Carbon Glacier, Mt Ranier.

  • Thanks all! 🙂 hehe

    Tom – My D3X is pretty water resistant — I just have a little extra worry factor in the wild!

    Deana & Raymond – glad you know those blues are REAL. People always suspect that I paint on top of my pics… but certainly not… the blues are electric coming out of the gaps!

    Chinmoy – Yes I do. I end up licensing many of my photos for various commercial purposes.

  • Really Awesome, wish I was there.

  • ur hdr photo are all simply nthe best from any flickr member. I am proud and envy of ur work of art & technique.

  • Excellent as always. Seems you are using a few different methods to process your photos these days (LucisArt or Photomatix or ____(?)). I see some value in you maybe listing which method you used for those of us just learning these post processing tools.

  • Agh! So many colors and details to look at! I love the natural lines created in this photo – my eye zig-zags from right to left to right and back to the left. Were you able get any closer? or was it just too treacherous and nasty out? Can’t wait to see the film

  • Beautiful!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Pretty Pretty!! I too remember these colors from Alaska!

  • Thanks yall !

    Matt – My process is still evolving… I will have to update the HDR Tutorial soon – but for now, most of it is the same.

    Cate – glad you like it… I hope you like the film – I don’t want to build it up too much.

  • Steven Verlander

    Another awesome pic. Ive always wanted to know…how long do you spend setting up for the picture. I imagine that it takes a while to hike to that perfect spot but what about adjustments on your camera?

    Keep up the goodness 🙂

  • IMXO cut forest a bit.
    Good shot anyway)

  • Awesome Trey!!

  • Deb

    How wonderful!!! To actually be there and see the colors and feel the cold… Keep up the GREAT work and, as always, Thank You!

  • Absolutely wonderful picture, Trey!!!!! We had a wonderful drive across country to Mich. Sunny everyday!!! I’m on my sister’s computer showing her some of your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Happy Easter, yikes, that’s tomorrow, lol. I’m looking at this on April 11. Take care and stay safe out there.

  • wonderful job

  • wonderful pic

  • Absolutely stunning photo!
    The colors are truly amazing.
    Excellent work!

  • I would love to see this high res! I lived in Alaska for 10 years of my grade school life, can’t wait to go back one day. This is awesome!!

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