New York on Fire at Dusk

I am jealous for all the people that live in New York! They have a city that looks different at every moment of the day from every slightly different angle. I think if I lived there, I’d feel kind of guilty if I didn’t make it out several times a week at sunset to go shooting.

I shot this one from the top of the Rockefeller Center. They don’t let you take tripods up there, but I always see that as somewhat of a challenge to my manhood, and I take offense. So, consequently, I set my mind to smuggling my tripod in there, usually inside my overcoat or a big shopping bag. I mean, you have to, right? There is no other way to get a good night or evening shot without a stable surface (or a high ISO, which I don’t like).

Anyway, this was a perfect night. Later, after I shot this, I was graciously invited over to have dessert with Rudy Maxa (he has a travel show) and his daughter in Brooklyn. It was great to meet him and he was a super guy. I figured since I mentioned Rick Steves yesterday (who people on my Facebook comments were saying was not such a nice guy), today it was time for the very nice Rudy Maxa.

New York on Fire at Dusk

  • Love the warm colors.

  • Isn’t NYC amazing? I love living here.

  • Really like this one, such nice colors!

  • Joe

    Love the warm tones in the city lights combined with the cool sky up high.

    I wanted to comment on the poll. The italic font does make it a little tough to read, but the serif adds to readability of the large blocks of text overall.


  • I love the title almost as much as the image. Great shot.

  • Trevor Driscoll

    It is interesting to see a shot of new york with a relatively flat skyline/horizon line. I like the angle you chose is what I’m trying to say I guess.

  • Sunset from the Top of The Rock? You are an amazing talent. Bravo!

  • sriram

    After seeing this photo the first word came from my mouth was “WOW its awesome””

  • sarpent

    The body text isn’t just a bit tough to read. It’s very tough to read. And it covers the entire content area of the site (as opposed to being used as emphasis).

  • beautiful sweeping vista! where would we be if we hadn’t figured out how to bully electrons back and forth?? nice job working with the photons ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Deb

    Beautiful shot! I am glad you smuggled in your tripod, it was worth it! As for the text here, I like it! Very elegant and I have no trouble reading it. Thanks again for sharing your world with us.

  • Gorgeous shot. Thanks for risking all for us, to get that tripod up there … ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love the new site – fantastic in every way except for the italic text. Find it hard to read.

  • What about packing a Gorillapod? Should be much easier to conceal and you can wrap it around a railing so people aren’t tripping over it.

  • Love it!! My favorite place to photograph!

  • oops i chose the wrong button on the voting poll, too small on my blackberry bold

    i say go with your first instinct, it’s usually always the right one, i like this text better goes with your concept don’t you think?

  • Thanks all!

    I think I will change up the font a little bit… seems like a lot of people are having trouble reading it – thank you for the good feedback!

    Also, glad you like the NY pic!

  • Another in a long line of great shots. Don’t you have a “Pod”? ( I always carry one when tripods are outlawed.

  • I really like the way this image is cropped. Also liking how the blue in the river cuts right through the orange to break it up a little bit.
    I didn’t make it back to the site in time for the poll but I’m not a fan of the italics – it seems to compact the text too much. Also, is it possible to make your logo link back to the main page?

  • Great shot Trey! Enjoy the tripod comments! Keep em coming!

  • Cate – Thanks for the feedback – I will work on that!

    Talke – sure thing you bet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey – love your ‘story’!

  • It makes New York look so peaceful and clean.

  • I miss that city so much.
    Wonderful HDR, splendid image.
    If you don’t mind, it’ll be my new wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Have the same experience about the tripod. In Sweden where I’m from there’s very rare some one care about where you put up your equipment for a shoot. But when I was in Rome a months ago the story was a different. As fast you start pulling up the tripod some one always was around to stop you. Don’t really know why but it seems like if was forbidden in all the places you pay entrance even if it was outside. And don’t even think about setting up the tripod near an political building or remotely to that. Then you can be sure a policeman calm will give you a hint to stop. And there’s allot of policeman in Rome at least two in every corner. Maybe they see me as a threat. Still it was very annoying and had a hard time trying not to show being offended.

  • Anton,

    I had the same experience in Rome. The explanation I got was that if you have a tripod, you are considered a “professional”. Also, check out

    It seems that a lot of things visitors do is not approved of by the local police.

    I bought a light-weight tripod in front of the Forum from one of a dozen vendors. When I took it into the Forum and set it up for the first time, along came a guard wagging his finger at me. “No tripods” seemed to be his only English.

  • Nice shot! It’s funny, I took a picture like that: It’s in HDR too

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