Beginning the trek to Fitz Roy on the edge of Chile

This is the start of what would be a 40km backpacking trek through the Andes. And I mean THROUGH the Andes.

I have come with my friend Dima, who is ex-Soviet miltiary. He’s tough. At 23, he led a 3-week expedition through Siberia to find the rare Siberian Tiger. Now he is 43 and he hasn’t slowed down any.

If you look closely at this photo, over on the middle right you can see some very sharp vertical peaks. In there is Fitz Roy, one of the hardest places to reach in the world and even harder to photograph. That is our destination.

Beginning the trek to Fitz Roy on the edge of Chile

  • casusan

    Safe journeys Trey – sounds like quite an adventure – take care!

  • Wow Trey!! Very nice photo!!

  • “This photo is currently unavailable”. This is why I don’t use Flickr to host my blog pictures anymore. Had this problem all the time. But the link works, and the picture is great as always.

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Beautiful photo, good luck with your trip, it certainly looks nice over there, nice and rugged.

    All the best


  • Deb

    Why is this picture “currently unavailable”? I have seen this a couple of times here and don’t get it! I would really like to see this one!

  • Gail in Montana

    Darn, Trey, I couldn’t see this one nor the one of Leslie on her farm the other day. It wouldn’t let me connect with facebook today either 🙁 . I’m with Deb, I really wanted to see this one. I tried the link to the three pictures in Argentina, saw the other two, but this one didn’t come up there either. Weird.

  • Adam


    Another great photo! Looks like you will have quite the adventure ahead of you. Stay safe and can’t wait to see some pictures from the adventure.

  • Good luck! I stayed in El Chalten a few years ago and did some day treks in the areas. Really amazing!

  • Indibang

    Have a safe trip.

  • Kirsten

    I am can’t see this photo and the Lesie one either I couldn’t see. Very frustrating as I LOVE your site!

  • Thanks very much, Dale!!! Used the link you posted and saw that absolutely breath-taking picture. Great job, Trey!!! Now I’ll check out today’s picture and hope it comes up!!!! Stay safe out there, Trey!!

  • Sorry guys! The internet down here is horrible and updating the blog is a real pain! I am getting it fixed right now though — found some better bandwidth and having something warm to drink for once! 🙂

  • Im so impressed with where you get to in the world.
    I would like to know how you set up such an amazing trip. Take a leave from work, or is this trip for work?

    Do you have a special agent that works this all out for you?

    An inspirational photograph. This is beginning to feel like reading a book!

  • Nice photo 🙂

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