Argentina’s City of the Dead

This is one of the many dead city blocks in La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. This place was filled with ornate mausoleums which ranged in style from the gothic to Victorian, each as macabre as the next.

The graveyard hosts some of the most famous people from Argentina, including Eva Perón. I spent about an hour walking down narrow alleys and broad boulevards of this eerie city. I could have spent many more hours, and I have an idea to sneak in one night after dark and bring my own lighting equipment. Any takers? Let’s do it… what’s the worst that can happen? (These kind of questions often get me in trouble).

In other news… I was taking a siesta today and in barged two Russians. One, my friend Dima, announced, “This is new roommate Yuri. He does not speak English.” Yuri is the size of a smallish Beluga and he is currently in his underwear.

Argentina's City of the Dead

  • Underwear lol!! How’s the trip so far Trey? Love the photo!

  • Hey i loved your blog,
    firstly i liked the way you Photograph And The effect,
    HDR effect looks very cool,
    but i cant get to do it well with my pics,
    That place would be Very Haunting in the night,
    best Of Luck if You Go in night

  • Neira

    I love the the photo!! Well all of your pictures, specially the Dresden and Angkor ones!! You should come to Spain one day, there are really good places to take pics.

  • Sam

    smallish Beluga Russian in his undies???? uck is there any other place to take a siesta? and please don’t share the pictures of the smallish beluga Russian in his undies. I check your pictures every day, they are great. always read the comments too.

  • Your blog is very interesting and the photos fasinating! I will definately look into HDR! Cant wait to see what you post next!

  • Ed

    Amazing shot as always man. Can we trade life for a few days so I can experience those amazing sights?

  • hehe thanks.. yes I enjoy reading all the comments too 🙂

  • Absoslutely wonderful picture!!!! I love the colors and the way you captured so many of the mausoleums. What an interesting place to explore. Not sure about doing it at night, spoooooky!!!!! (I’ve been watching to many shows about ghosts on TV, lol). Hope everything works out with your new roommate ;-). Have fun and enjoy your time there. Bet you are getting to experience some new types of food. That’s always fun.

  • Beautiful, amazing photo. I love your artwork man.

  • Ah, the first one! Cool!! Can’t wait to see the sunset, and the small Argentine Angkor Wat!

  • Rather you in that cemetery than me pal, thats all I’ve got to say

    Fascinating photograph however

  • I think this is my favorite shot of all your works. The textures of the mausoleums and the street as well as the lighting effect is wonderful. I am also amazed and a bit jealous of your world travels. I can not seem to afford to make it out of my small city. I follow your blog every day and continue on my quest to be able to produce thy type of HDR that you create. The effects are quite stunning.

  • BeachsidePaul

    There is something *very* scary about semi-nude, non-english speaking, large people coming into your sleeping quarters. Reminds me of a trip to Saudia Arabia years ago, but that’s a whole different story. Enjoyed the shot, as always, and hope you have a great time there. More importantly, hope you can find time to process your damn pictures so we all get to see them! Again, enjoy the trip, Paul

  • Oh my! This is the stuff that makes for a great book. Love this photo, beautiful as always.

  • casusan

    Safe journeys Trey!

  • Hehe thanks all!! 🙂

  • Jan

    Hey trey!
    When I was in Buenos Aires I didn’t have the time to go this cemetery.
    Thanks for taking this picture! Now I know what that looks like! 🙂
    Did you go to Puerto Madeiro? Really pretty place to go, and to eat! Great food!

  • What an amazing dark aura.

  • Wow, I miss visiting!!! The stories get better & better!
    You still Rock!!
    Changed my email from mrscmoney….
    your bud caroline

  • Beautiful range of colors and textures in this shot.

  • Gonza

    This cemetery is just a few bloqs from home! Its a little bit strange to see it here, really cool! Great place for shooting, this is the best picture ive seen of it, no doubt. Buenos Aires has a lot of really great places to visit with a camera.

    I wanted to thank you man, you´re the reason I bought (5 days ago) my first digital slr camera and start shooting real HDR images. I used to take b/w film photos (and i’ll keep on taking them), but your work has inspired me to look for new horizons.
    Anyway, hope you enjoy your time in Argentina and South America, im sure you’ll be amazed with the wide range of landscapes and cultures.
    And if you´re back to BsAs again, let your fans now, just take some mate, tortafritas, and explore the city.
    Keep on the amazing work!

  • wow this is amazing !!!

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