Evening Storm Approaches the Temple

This is an old temple near the main complex of Angkor Wat that sits high on a hill.  At the bottom, a man gave me an option of riding an elephant to the top.  I don’t know why I didn’t!  I think I might have been in a hurry to see the sunset and the elephant looked old and ponderous.

It was a bit sketchy up there with the storm, but there was nothing metal so I didn’t feel like there was much danger of lightning.  I was used to Texas thunderstorms with big lightning, but maybe they didn’t have those sorts in Cambodia – who knows?  Not me.  Anyway, it was too cool to stay up there and watch the storm as it rolled in…

Evening Storm Approaches the Temple

  • Zyx

    Wonderful Trey. Love how you have captured the age of the temples.

  • it’s beautiful.

  • At first I thought the bands around the second column from the left were for lighting, but then I saw the turn buckles holding the thing together. Looks like those have been there a while. I wonder if they are trying a more permanent solution to save it.

  • Facebook User

    interesting shot
    love the sky
    The building look great then seem to look out of focus – strange
    working on it …

  • The silky smooth sky coupled with the fluffy clouds really adds punch to the image.

  • Wonderful scene, well worth risking the storm, easy for me to say but my girlfriend and I were having a picnic atop a grain silo when a lighting storm rolled in. When we saw the blue halos form on the tips of the lightning rods and our hair started to stand on end we hustled down the ladder in a big hurry 😉 Would have been nice to get the elephant in the shot though, eh?

  • Awsome picture, Trey!!! I love looking at ruins. Amazing feats done by the ancients long ago. It’s still a mystery how they did those things back then. Some interesting shows on the History Channel about that very subject. I’ve only seen those here in the states. Would love to see all those magnificent temples, etc in Central and South America. Be careful in those storms, though. Lightning can be dangerous anywhere, as I’m sure you know. Just ask our dog, Molly, the Brittiany. She is scared to death of it ;-). Glad you stuck it out long enough to get this picture, it is really a great one!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Beautiful work Trey

  • I love these photos of old temples you get. Puts me in a very Indiana Jones mood, wanting to do exploring, but staying out of the light and being careful what I step on. 😉 I really like those big puffy storm clouds. Great shot!

  • This photo had me stunned. The colors just melt you! Very beautiful

  • …they just don’t build em like they used to…(imagine what it would cost to build this structure today??)

  • Thank you everyone – good comments as usual! 🙂

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